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Jami Ledbetter, 42, is naturally without brows and her daughter bought her a USD250 microblading voucher from Groupon as a gift.

Microblading, sometimes known as brow embroidery, is a service where hair-like pigments are added onto the brow using a small blade. Results are semi-permanent.

While the vendor claimed to be a certified micro-blader, Ledbetter was surprised by the results: she looked into the mirror to find very horrific work done on her. This is how it looked like:

Botched Microblading Four Eyebrows 1

Unfortunately, her newly micro-bladed brows were so dark that she couldn’t conceal them with makeup.

In order to save the situation, she found another micro-blader who promised to help her camouflage the badly done brows. But she ended up with four brows instead. This is how it looked like:

Botched Microblading Four Eyebrows 2

Thankfully, Ledbetter is now in touched with a licensed tattoo artist who is using a lightening solution to help pull out the colour from the botched job.

The lightening treatment will be done in eight-week intervals, and she has to go through several treatments before her brows go back to normal. The series of treatments will set her back by USD1,000.

Report says that the first microblading “artist” has gone out of business.