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We’ve all been waiting for action drama film Mulan to be released, but unfortunately the ongoing pandemic has caused it to postpone again and again.

While we can’t head to the theatres to catch it yet, here’s the next best thing: blushers that feature Disney’s version of Mulan.

Taiwanese cosmetic company fresho2 has collaborated with Disney to launch a makeup collection featuring Disney Princesses we’re all familiar with.


The collection comprises highlighters, blushes (single and duo shades), and lipsticks in various wearable rosy tones, as well as a stunning eyeshadow palette, so you can look elegant and refined – just like your favourite princess.


We have our eyes on the highlighter compact (~SGD23.41) featuring Belle on the case and the enchanted rose engraved on the gold-hued highlighter itself. The powder is finely milled and promises to add dimension to your features. Apply it onto the high points of your face (nose tip, cheekbones, and forehead) where the light hits to get the most natural-looking enhancement.

If you prefer a look that’s more matte, try their blushes, which come in two varieties: a single tone powder blush (~SGD23.41) featuring three of the seven dwarves from Snow White, and a duo-toned cream blush with the courageous Mulan (~SGD23.41) on the case.


The Mulan blush comes with a deep brick red tone and a vibrant tangerine tone. Use them alone or mix them together for a customised shade. The brick shade is recommended for a glamorous evening look and the tangerine one will give you a fresh-looking glow for mornings and mid-day touch-ups.


The pressed powder blush (with three of Snow White’s dwarves on the cases) is available in three shades. The soft peach and lavender variants will surprisingly liven up pale and dull complexions, and the deeper wine coloured one give deeper skin tones a blood-like flush to the cheeks – just like how Snow White glows.

What’s more, both come with a mirror as well, saving you even more space in your bag – what’s not to love?


Of course, no makeup collection is ever complete without lip products. In this Disney collection, fresho2 presents us with four cream lipsticks (~SGD23.41 each), each inspired by a Disney Princess:

  • deep hot pink shade for Snow White,
  • bright orange-red tone for Belle,
  • muted rose shade for Jasmine from Aladdin,
  • and rich red hue for Mulan

But if none of these shades are your cup of tea, the fresho2 x Disney collection even carries a lip balm that tints your lips with a unique shade depending on your pH level, while keeping them hydrated with moisturising propolis and lanolin.


Our favourite item in the collection is probably the A Whole New World eyeshadow palette (~SGD28.10) featuring Jasmine.


This palette comes in a round pan small enough to toss into your bag for touch-ups and even to change up your look effortlessly. Featuring four matte shadows in various shades of muted browns and oranges, and two sparkly shades to jazz up your look, this palette can also double up as a blush (the tangerine shade in the middle of the palette) and a highlighter (the shimmery champagne shade).

Sadly, fresho2 does not ship overseas and is only available in Taiwan due to copyright reasons, but if you have friends in Taiwan, consider asking them to buy on your behalf and send it to you!