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Anyone with a frizzy, unruly mane will tell you that it’s not the easiest hair concern to avoid. Simply leaving your house can trigger a halo of frizz, even if you’ve prepped your tresses with a hair oil, serum, or leave-in conditioner.

If you’ve tried to smooth your strands with products to no avail, perhaps familiarising yourself with the causes of frizzy hair may help you figure out a better strategy to tackle it.

Of course, it’s easy to chalk it up to our perpetual summer here in Singapore, but what if we told you that our humid weather isn’t always responsible for the frizz?

Stick around, because we’ll also be sharing a foolproof way to transform unruly hair into sleek locks that last.

What exactly causes frizzy, unruly hair?


frizzy unruly hair causes humidity

Credit: Bradley Hook/Pexels

Ever wondered why your hair frizzes and puffs up on a particularly hot day?

Well, if you have dry hair, the rough cuticle opens up and the outer layer starts soaking up moisture from the air, which causes it to swell and frizz.

Our hair cuticle layers should ideally lie flat, but they open up when they’re damaged and exposed to moisture. This is why dry hair and humid weather make the perfect recipe for frizz.

Shampooing with hot water

frizzy unruly hair causes shampoo with hot water

Credit: Pixabay

Showering with hot water can ease our muscles after a long day, but it actually does your hair and skin more harm than good.

Hot water strips your hair of the natural oils that keep it moisturised and smooth, so if you’re prone to frizz, you may want to ease up on the heat.

To make matters worse, it also stresses your scalp which produces beneficial oils, so it’s best to shampoo your hair in lukewarm water.

Heat styling

causes of frizzy unruly hair heat styling

High heat from our daily hair tools can damage our hair and strip it of moisture, regardless of whether you’re using a blow dryer, flat iron, or curling iron.

If you can, try to minimise the use of heated styling tools and let your hair air dry instead. When you are using a heat styler, use the lowest or a cool setting and always make sure to protect your hair with a heat protecting spray before blasting it with heat.


frizzy unruly hair causes towel drying

Credit: Yaroslav Shuraev/Pexels

We want our routine to be as quick as possible, which is why scrunching your hair up in a towel right after a shower may seem like the most efficient way to dry it.

However, you aren’t doing your tresses any favours when it comes to preventing frizz. Towel-drying roughs up the hair cuticle, which lifts it up to form coarse, frizzy strands.

An expert-approved, customised solution for frizzy, unruly hair

SUBLIMIC Salon Solutions Hair Reforming Program before after

Hair damage and frizziness caused by an onslaught of environmental factors can affect the shape of our hair strands, but there’s a unique treatment that helps to correct their shape for smoother tresses.

We’re talking about the new SUBLIMIC Salon Solutions Hair Reforming Program by Shiseido Professional, available at Shunji Matsuo salons.

Tailored to every individual according to your hair concern and condition, the 60-minute treatment is a private salon and spa experience that’ll repair and restore your crowing glory.

The SUBLIMIC Salon Solutions Hair Reforming Program infuses repair agents as it reforms the shape of every strand by correcting its cross-sectional shape. It also removes calcium ions that make your hair coarse and adds softness to the core of every strand for smoother, softer, more manageable locks.

Through Shiseido Professional’s extensive research, the brand formulated the Hair Reforming Technology. It’s created by pairing SUBLIMIC’s exclusive, advanced technologies with the Japanese spirit of “omotenashi”.

Translated, “omote” means public face, the image you wish to present to others, whereas “nashi” means nothing. Together, it means that every service is done from the bottom of the heart – completely honest with no pretence, which encompasses Japanese hospitality.

2 ranges to target 2 unruly hair types

During your treatment, you’ll notice products from the SUBLIMIC Airy Flow range being used at different steps too. The collection was first launched in 2019 with a single range that was designed to transform unruly hair into soft, airy tresses.

Today, the new collection has been expanded to provide two types of finishes for two types of unruly hair: the Airy & Bouncy finish is great for those who have flat, fine, and unruly hair, while the Airy & Smooth finish works better for those with thicker, more voluminous, unruly hair.

shiseido professional SUBLIMIC Airy Flow range

With more options available, the SUBLIMIC Airy Flow range now caters to a wider range of hair concerns while providing a more personalised haircare experience to customers.

So whether you are struggling to manage thick and poofy hair or trying to add that extra bounce to flat and fine hair, the new and improved SUBLIMIC Airy Flow makes it easy to achieve soft, smooth hair that flows as you desire.

Check out the SUBLIMIC Airy Flow range for fine, unruly hair:

  • SUBLIMIC Airy Flow Shampoo: The rich lather it produces cleanses and remove impurities, leaving the hair soft and airy.
  • SUBLIMIC Airy Flow Treatment (Unruly Hair): Softens unruly hair from the core and repairs the cross- sectional shape to produce a bouncy and manageable finish.
  • SUBLIMIC Airy Flow Mask (Unruly Hair): Deeply repairs the hair to restore bounce and softness while it protects against humidity.
  • SUBLIMIC Airy Flow Refining Fluid: This milky treatment protects the hair from damage caused by heat of styling tools and dryness.

And here’s the SUBLIMIC Airy Flow range for thick, unruly hair:

  • SUBLIMIC Airy Flow Shampoo: The rich lather it produces cleanses and remove impurities, leaving the hair soft and airy.
  • SUBLIMIC Airy Flow Treatment (Thick, Unruly Hair): Smooths out thick, unruly hair by repairing the cross-sectional shape, leading to softness and suppressed hair volume.
  • SUBLIMIC Airy Flow Mask (Thick, Unruly Hair): Deeply repairs the hair to create a smooth, silky texture while protecting against humidity.
  • SUBLIMIC Airy Flow Sheer Oil: A lightweight oil that repairs hair damage and shape, creating smoothness through the ends and a lasting sleek finish.

Enhanced with the new Thermal Flow-Motion System

thermal flow motion system

Besides allowing you to achieve the desired finish for your hair based on volume and texture, the upgraded SUBLIMIC Airy Flow range from Shiseido Professional also boasts Thermal Flow-Motion System technology.

By correcting the cross-sectional shape and maintaining the moisture balance of the hair’s core, it helps to create extra softness. This technology helps to rebuild and restore the inner structure of unruly, wavy hair for manageable locks that last.

One of the star products of the revamped series, and one that is used in the SUBLIMIC Salon Solutions Hair Reforming Program, is the SUBLIMIC Airy Flow Mask, which is available for both types of unruly, frizzy hair.

Developed with the new Thermo-Shaping Complex technology, the masks wrap your hair in moisture to provide intensive repair to the hair cuticles.

By activating it with heat during the Hair Reforming Program, it further reinforces the effect, thereby mimicking the effect a hair iron has to make your tresses easier to style and more resistant to heat.

This is why the SUBLIMIC Salon Solutions Hair Reforming Program and SUBLIMIC Airy Flow range are perfect for our hot and humid climate. They effectively protect our hair from frizz and flyaways, breathing new life into dull, unruly tresses.

You’ll be able to see results after one treatment! Even better, you can purchase the new SUBLIMIC Airy Flow ranges to use in the comfort of your own home. This will prolong the smoothing effects of the treatment and grant you softer, healthier locks for much longer.

About Shunji Matsuo

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Known for its cutting-edge hair technology and innovation, Shunji Matsuo uses Japanese-influenced colouring, perming, and styling techniques to transform the look and feel of dark, coarse, unruly Asian hair.

The salon group only uses high-quality, superior haircare products, and they offer an array of hairstyling services too, from scalp and hair treatments to rebonding and creative colouring. Their great service and quality coupled with affordable prices are what keep customers coming back time and again.

Try the new SUBLIMIC Salon Solutions Hair Reforming Program by Shiseido Professional at Shunji Matsuo salons today. The treatment is priced at S$130 (short hair), S$150 (medium-length hair), and S$180 (long hair).

Shunji Matsuo’s Takashimaya S.C. flagship store has also relocated to the third level, outfitted with a new SUBLIMIC Head Spa room for total privacy and comfort.

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