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SK-II has always been known for their miracle skincare formulas— look at their iconic SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, for one— and now they have in sight to transform the beauty retail space, starting with the launch of a literal Smart Store. Say what?!

Nope, you’re not reading that wrong. Known as the SK-II Future X Smart Store, this concept space breaks new ground when it comes to the beauty retail industry.

What is the SK-II Future X Smart Store?

Imagine this: a completely personalised SK-II shopping experience complete with interactive Artificial Intelligence elements, skin scan stations, and a digital wall that allows you to generate your Instagram-worthy own custom art pieces. Whoa!

Sk Ii Future X Smart Store Interior

Proven to be a runaway success in both Tokyo and Shanghai respectively, we were definitely excited to hear that they would be debuting the SK-II Future X Smart Store in Southeast-Asia— right here in Singapore from the 1st of December— and even more so when we found out that we would be able to experience it for ourselves.

After having received an official invitation from SK-II, we headed down to check out Singapore’s debut SK-II Future X Smart Store Read on to hear our thoughts!

What did we think of SK-II Future X Smart Store?

Sk Ii Future X Smart Store Exterior

Located along the lively district of Orchard Road, it was hard not to feel awed upon entering the space.

We were first fitted with specially designed SK-II bracelets, before we were escorted to a large scale digital wall that morphed and changed with every few seconds. It was creating beautiful, abstract shapes and colours that felt impossible to tear our gazes away from the entire time. Suffice to say, we were definitely mesmerised by the entire experience.

Known as “The Art Of You”, the installation actually reads visitor’s facial expressions as well as head, eye, and mouth movements to generate custom art pieces. Each expression correlates to a different colour scheme, while eye blinks trigger energy lines to pass across the screen. Neat!

Sk Ii Future X Smart Store Digital Wall Final Version

The result? An art piece that is wholly, entirely yours. How thoughtful!

We were then treated to an intriguing SK-II skin scan experience, which— get this— unlike traditional skin analysis, doesn’t require direct (and in my opinion: intimidating) facial contact. Instead, we simply sat in individual booths (reminiscent of a photo booth) for less than a couple of minutes to get our skin age read.

Processed With Vsco With Preset

The next stop along the way? The LED Colour Canvas, which allows guests to create more customised artwork, just with footsteps instead. Oh, and did we mention that it also makes a great #ootd spot for the ‘gram?

Sk Ii Future X Smart Store Final Image

We were able to see the results of our skin scan on level two, with detailed results of the scan made available with a tap of our bracelets. This, naturally, brought us to the Smart Bar station after to get our customised skincare consultation based on our results.

Sk Ii Future X Smart Store Detailed Results Final

Not only did the knowledgeable staff assist us in helping us achieve our skincare goals, we were also able to experience renowned SK-II products, such as their SK-II Facial Treatment Essence and GenOptics Aura Essence to end off the skincare experience of our dreams.

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Charmed? Intrigued? Stunned? We know we were by the end of our journey. And raring to go back again, of course!

Okay, you convinced me. When and where do I go to experience the groundbreaking beauty tech that is the SK-II Future X Smart Store?

SK-II Future X Smart Store will be open to the public from the 1st of December 2018 to the 31st of January 2019. Admission is also free!

Address: 333A Orchard Rd, Singapore 238897, Outside Mandarin Gallery

Opening hours: 10am-10pm daily.

This article is brought to you by SK-II.