Spoiler alert! Game of Thrones makeup brushes are here!

British cosmetics company The Catch 96 has launched a set of eight makeup brushes that are inspired by the long-running fantasy drama. Each brush is with the sigil for a different house featured in Game of Thrones. Yes, House Baratheon, House Lannister, House Stark, House Targaryen, House Martell, House Greyjoy, and House Tully are all represented. And there’s an eighth brush that carries the symbol that represents the Hand of the King.

The brushes include a flat eyeliner brush, a comb, and several eyeshadow blending brushes.

The Catch 96 says that these brushes are made of “high-quality synthetic bristles and gorgeous metal alloy handles” and prices are currently marked down from USD79.95 to USD39.95. You’re limited to just five sets per order.

These brushes are available in four finishes: rose gold, silver, bronze, and copper.

If you want them, better get them fast, because stocks are running low, according to The Catch 96. Find these Games of Throne brushes here.

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