How to get 4 different Korean makeup looks using the latest makeup pencils from Korea

Achieving a Korean makeup look is not as complicated as it looks. All you need are the right products! We’re going to show you how to can achieve four different Korean makeup looks using the new Play 101 Blending Pencils from ETUDE HOUSE. No, you don’t need a separate blusher, lipstick or eyeshadow because these pencils can do all of that for you!

The ETUDE HOUSE Play 101 Blending Pencils are blendable and they come in four different finishes: Creamy (matte and waterproof), Velvet (Powdery finish), Jelly (Moisturising and glossy), and Jewel (Shimmery & glittery finish and waterproof). They also come in 25 different shades that you can use on your eyelids, cheeks, and lips.

Look 1: Sweet Pink Look

Look 1


Apply shade #5 into the crease and blend well
Apply shade #11 on your top lashline and blend upwards. Apply the same shade onto your bottom lash line as well.
To create depth and dimension, apply #11 on the outer V of the eye


Highlight the highest points on your face using shade #1
Apply #18 on the cheeks and blend well for a flush of colour!


Apply #18 onto the inner parts of the lips (where your lips would meet if you purse them together) and gently blend out

Look 2: Burgundy Look with dark lips

Look 2


Apply shade #4 all over the lids
Add depth to the eyes by applying shade #14 on the outer V of the eye.
Lightly apply shade #13 on the lower lashline and blend it out.

Add some shimmer onto the centre of the lids and lower lashline with shade #13


Use shade #25 as blush and contour by applying lightly at the sides of the cheekbones and blend welle


To achieve the diffused lip effect in this look, start with using the shade #15 and line your lips to “conceal” your natural lip line. Don’t forget to blend it out!
Apply shade #25 onto your lips, and leave the inside portion of your lips blank. Blend as you go.
3. Fill in the blank space with shade #22 and blend the two shades together to get a gradient effect.

Look 3: Bronze Goddess Look

Look 3


Apply shade #3 into the crease and blend upwards
Apply shade #12 on the lids and blend together with the crease colour
Line the waterline with shade #1 to make the eyes look bigger and brighter


Use shade #20 and apply it to the lips, starting from the inner part of the lips, blending it out to create a gradient effect


Look 4: Soft Lavender Look

Look 4


Apply shade #7 into the crease area of the eye
To add depth and dimension, apply shade #8 into the outer V of the eye.
Further add dimension by applying shade #9 on top of #8 and blend it well. This will also help make the eyeshadow look more smokey!



Use Shade #7 to contour your cheeks
Add some colour to the face by applying shade #24 to the apples of the cheeks and blend it out well.


Double up shade #24 and make it your lip colour as well! Concentrate the colour at the inner part of the lips and blend it out to achieve a gradient effect.

DV Tip: If you’re using one pencil for two areas of your face, wipe the pencil with a wet tissue or alcohol wipes in between uses.

The ETUDE HOUSE Play 101 Blending Pencils are available at ETUDE HOUSE Boutiques and retail at SGD16.90 each.


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