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For all you lippie enthusiasts out there, here’s another must-have for your next shopping spree!

You’ve probably seen loads of lip tutorials on nailing the coveted jelly lips trend, and guess what? This lip product is right in line to help you achieve that irresistible look!


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At first glance, it might not scream “lip product,” but that’s exactly what’s making it so trendy. Meet the Gogo Tales Water Gloss Mirror Lip Glaze!

Curious to know more? Keep reading for the lowdown!

What’s The Buzz Around This Lip Glaze?

Gogo Tales, or “Gege Wu” in Chinese, is a Chinese brand that brings a Korean-style aesthetic to the table. They’re all about offering quality makeup products at affordable prices, from lipsticks and eyeshadows to powder puffs.

The brand has become a TikTok sensation, becoming a go-to for those looking to recreate makeup looks inspired by Douyin, and this lip product is no exception!


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The shape of this lip tint may raise eyebrows, but surprise! It comes with an applicator and applies just like any other lip tint.

Sporting a round and chubby shape, it features a soft pink airbag containing the lip product. To apply the lip tint, simply give the little airbag a gentle squeeze, and voila! The stunning lip colour is dispensed from the applicator.

Photo credit: @anhbanxabong/TikTok.

The lip glaze’s texture and formula are watery. When applied to the lips, the gloss imparts a sheer coat of colour, leaving your lips looking luscious and supple!

And can we take a moment for the packaging? It’s compact, unique, and ridiculously adorable!

Explore The Shade Range Of The Lip Glaze

This lip glaze comes in four stunning shades that complement just about any skin tone:

G01#Milk Papaya (dark peach shade)

G02#Strawberry Bobo (muted reddish pink shade)

G03#Rock Sugar Hawthorn (a deep red)

G04#Peach Sweetheart (orange peach shade)


Gogo Tales Water Gloss Mirror Lip Glaze retails for S$5.66 on Shopee.

Featured image credit: @christea.finds/TikTok.