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Want a luxurious manicure that’ll exude elegance? This nail trend is for you!

Recently, users on Chinese social media site Xiao Hong Shu have been enthusing over grey nails for their classy and chic effect.

If you thought grey was a boring, neutral colour, you might want to reconsider after seeing these manicure ideas.

We’ve compiled 16 nail styles taking inspiration from the classic grey nail trend, so read on to get inspiration for a sophisticated and stylish manicure!

Simple and Elegant

Simple Grey

Credits: @kuypernailart/Instagram

Keep it simple with a clean grey manicure for a timeless and elegant look.

The low saturation of this colour makes it perfect for whatever outfit or makeup look you decide to go for. This manicure is sure to radiate elegance without being over the top.

Grey French Tips

Credits: @一只影子/Xiaohongshu

Put a twist on a classic French manicure with a touch of grey! This manicure intersperses grey and white for a fresh take on French tips.

Try alternating between the shades to contrast them, making the manicure unique yet perfectly balanced.

Matte Grey

Credits: @@Yuki钰琦_/Xiaohongshu

A solid, monochromatic look will never let you down!

This matte grey manicure exudes confidence and style, perfect if your wardrobe is full of shades of grey.

These simple yet striking nails are sure to easily add a chic touch to any look.


Credits: @nail2on/Instagram

To make your minimalist grey nails more captivating, try incorporating a gradient effect.

By seamlessly blending different shades of grey, ranging from light to dark, you can create a stunning and sophisticated look that mimics shadows.

This artistic touch will add an extra dimension to your manicure, making it even more interesting.

Milky Grey

Credits: @_pgoo/Instagram

These unique nails look almost transparent for a toned-down take on grey nails.

If a solid grey shade is too strong for your tastes, this gentle grey manicure has a watercolour effect that will flatter you perfectly.

Sparkle and Shine

Grey Sparkles

Credits: @nail_by.jjoo/Instagram

If you love a fun and magical look, try out this manicure!

These adorable nails mix grey and silver glitter with charming add-ons such as rhinestones and stars. With a clear, glossy finish, these nails are sure to turn heads as they sparkle under the light.

Grey Cateye

Credits: @naildemonet/Instagram

The cat-eye nail trend is everywhere, and these grey cat-eye nails are sure to capture everyone’s attention with their soft elegance.

We’re all enthralled by the way these magnetic sparkles can produce such a hypnotic effect, always shifting slightly as we move!

Silver Swirls

Credits: @the_ys_studio/Instagram

If you love a modern, silver manicure, this is for you!

These unique nails use silver polish to create an elegant metallic outline around your nails for a simple yet striking take on this trend. Match this manicure with silver jewellery for a dazzlingly icy effect.

Y2K Grey

Credits: @77k.studio/Instagram

For an edgier interpretation of the grey nails trend, look no further. This manicure combines grey nails with the Y2K craze, mixing sharp silver designs with a shiny grey base.

Finish off with rhinestones for some added sparkle, and you’re ready to rock nails that look like they’re straight out of a sci-fi movie.

Grey Chrome

Credits: @thehautespot/Instagram

With this grey chrome polish, you’ll look like you have a set of fierce claws!

These chrome French tips add a striking touch to your nails for those looking for a bold and powerful manicure. This metallic manicure is sure to turn heads and make you stand out.

Glittery Grey

Credits: @nails.diamondshine/Instagram

Blend fine shimmery polish with chunky glitters for more dimension, and juxtapose plain grey base polish with hints of glitter for a truly eye-catching look.

Unique Designs

Grey Ribbons

Credits: @pinksoda_/Xiaohongshu

Hop on the balletcore trend by adding adorable ribbons to your nails!

These nails incorporate both grey and white ribbons for a sweet and charming look. If you love the dainty coquette aesthetic, these chic nails will be perfect for you.

Marbled Grey

Credits: @juliaknails/Instagram

Adding a marble texture to your nails is a classy way to spice up the grey nail trend.

This manicure exudes luxury and elegance with its carefully crafted marble detailing that’s contrasted with solid grey.

Geometric Grey

Credits: @bakemynails/Instagram

Play around with delicate swirls and geometric shapes for a trendy take on the grey nail trend.

These nails incorporate unique shapes and even hints of glitter, for an artistic and fun manicure.

Textured Grey

Credits: @nails.by.pk/Instagram

Switch up plain grey nails for this unique manicure!

Integrating different textures like plaid, shimmers, and even a cable-knit design, these nails are sure to be an eye-catching choice for those who can’t settle for just one interesting design.

Grey Aura

Credits: @ntd.melbourne/Instagram

Put an elegant spin on the aura nail trend with these grey nails!

This fascinating halo-like effect will surely add a cool touch to your grey nails, giving them dimension with this carefully blended gradient.

Featured image credits: @kuypernailart/Instagram, @naildemonet/Instagram.