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China’s top live-streaming host Austin Li (李佳琦 Li Jia Qi) is influential in that the beauty recommendations that he make typically get snapped up in the Asian world. He was recently joined by Gucci Beauty’s brand ambassador Lu Han at his live-streaming session to promote the brand’s new Poudre De Beauté Mat Naturel, which has a shade range that’s exclusively developed for the Asian skin tone.

This highly popular live-streaming session had helped create a huge interest in the luxury brand’s line of foundation, but as a side-show, something else unexpectedly went viral: a Gucci-branded comb housed in a pretty pouch. This is a gift-with-purchase that viewers were able to get if they make a purchase with Gucci Beauty during the live-streaming session.


Many are especially in love with the well-crafted pouch, which they said they want to use it to hold other knick-knacks such as earphones and cards.

Daily Vanity checked with Gucci Beauty Singapore to find out if this gorgeous gift-with-purchase will be made available in Singapore anytime soon – and we’re glad to bring good news!


The brand’s representative told us that this exclusive gift-with-purchase will be available at Sephora with a minimum purchase of S$120 in stores or online, from 18 May 2021, while stocks last.

In case you’re wondering, a Gucci Beauty foundation retails for S$100 and a lipstick is priced from S$53 – so it isn’t difficult to hit the minimum purchase amount.

If you want to get your hands on this gorgeous, exclusive item, remember to mark the date down on your calendar!

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