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Deadlines at work, unpredictable weather, and what to have for dinner are probably just some of the issues that occupy your mind on a daily basis, so does hair ageing need to be one of them?

The honest (and unfortunate) answer: yes – the reality is that your hair does age, and its structure changes with age. The most apparent change that most may notice is hair thinning out combined with slower hair growth rate.

Woman Touching Hair Scalp Looking Worried

If you’ve noticed this change recently, you’ve probably been channelling all your energy into trying to stop your hair from falling. You probably would’ve explored plenty of ways to get your mane to start growing as well, but to little or no avail.

It’s understandable that you get frustrated when faced with such circumstances. Maybe you’re even considering giving up rescue efforts for your thinning, greying hair and just resign your crowning glory to its fate.

While this problem is understandably disheartening, it isn’t something that’s totally irreparable. First, you should learn more about the five main reasons that have been identified to accelerate hair ageing.

The top five factors that speed up hair ageing

Decrease in iron levels with age

Apart from vitamins, zinc, and protein, iron is arguably the most essential nutrient for healthy hair.

Unless you incorporate iron-rich food in your daily diet throughout your life, you’re bound to have lower iron levels as you age since our body is incapable of producing the mineral naturally.

To meet the daily requirement of iron (you should check with your doctor on this as it varies according to each individual), you can either try an iron supplement or reach for ingredients such as chicken, lean meats, oysters, spinach, lentils and beans.

Insufficient sleep

Woman Sleeping With Phone On The Bed Source Ketut Subiyanto Pexels

Source: Ketut Subiyanto/Pexels

You probably don’t need us to tell you that lack of sleep can wreak havoc on your body, and one of the consequences is – you’ve guessed it – unhealthy skin and hair.

Letting your body get enough sleep is essential, even more so if you want to avoid premature hair ageing. Make it a habit to clock in seven to eight hours of sleep daily.

Hormonal changes

Studies have shown that we are born with about 100,000 hair follicles that are all pre-programmed to go through a seven-year growth cycle during the initial stages.

As we get older, the growth phase (called anagen) gets shorter while the shedding phase (known as telogen) gets longer. Since each of our hair follicles goes into different growth phases after the first couple of cycles, it’s hard to say that our mane will change completely every seven years, but one thing’s for sure: parts of it keep changing as we age.

While this is more of a repetitive cycle rather than an unrelenting process of deterioration, hormonal changes such as pregnancy, menopause, and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) can challenge your hair growth cycle and throw it for a loop, affecting not just length but also texture and volume.


Woman Blow Drying Hair Source Gratisography Pexels

Source: Gratisography/Pexels

It’s no secret that stress messes up your entire body system – your hair growth included. Not only do stress and anxiety lead to lack of hair growth, but they also contribute to the onset of hair loss as well.

Being a massive contributing factor of most hair issues in the present day, stress is also starting to affect both young and old.

With most of us living in a pressure cooker, even teenagers as young as 15 years old are starting to experience premature hair thinning and greying due to mental stress – this is only exacerbated by the anxiety brought on by the current pandemic outbreak.

And it’s not just the mental stress that triggers problems in our hair, physical stress inflicted by regular heat styling, tight-pulling hairstyles as well as frequent hair colouring and bleaching can all cause our hair to change internally.

You may not notice an immediate effect at first but if no proper care is practised in the long run, no amount of corrective serums or treatments you do (to counter the effects of heat styling, for instance) will repair your hair completely.


Hereditary pattern of hair thinning or greying is very normal in both men and women but the way we lose our hair differs from our male counterpart. Most men either get a bald spot on the crown or a receding of the hairline – this phenomenon is referred to as male pattern hair loss (or androgenetic alopecia in medical terms).

This condition also affects us – it’s known as female pattern hair loss – where overall thinning occurs and the first visible signs you’ll notice include a widening of the parting and a smaller ponytail.

And spoiler alert: less than half of us women will make it past 65 years old with a full head of hair – yikes!

So, can your thinning, greying hair still be saved?

Good And Affordable Hair Salons In Singapore Topp Care Hair Solutions

The good news is, there’s still hope. Certified haircare centres such as Topp Care Hair Solutions have been proven to offer effective solutions in the form of targeted hair and scalp treatments.

Topp Care, which received its certification from the US Trichology Institute (USTI) and is a member of the British Herbal Medicine Association, provides a suite of treatments that incorporates products made with high-quality Western botanical ingredients and one particular solution it has to mend thinning, greying hair is its signature Absolutte Masque Hair Treatment.

The Absolutte Masque Hair Treatment comes with a two-pronged effect, as it counteracts age-related hair changes and reverses the symptoms of grey hair at the same time.

On top of that, it is also able to provide essential nutrients for hair loss prevention as it uses a blend of natural plant ingredients such as saw palmetto, almond oil, and jojoba oil to create a variety of customised masques to target individual hair concerns.

Suitable for all ages, this signature treatment specifically targets both hair thinning and greying problems – this makes it especially ideal for young working adults who are struggling with premature greying hair.

Its ability to effectively thicken and darken hair has earned itself the Best Treatment for Grey Hair (Editor’s Choice) award in the recently revealed Daily Vanity Spa & Hair Awards 2020!

Toppcare Steamer

Additionally, Topp Care’s Absolutte Masque Hair Treatment also includes a relaxing acupressure-point scalp massage which not only alleviates stress but also removes dead skin cells and increases blood flow to hair follicles for optimum hair growth.

With a stimulating massage technique, the treatment is able to prevent further hair loss by dilating the blood capillaries of the scalp for better blood circulation while nourishing the scalp’s skin and hair follicles.

The result? Naturally thicker and darker hair that anyone – young or old – can look and feel great with. Just check out our writer’s in-depth review here to see the difference that Absolutte Masque Hair Treatment can make!

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