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Did you know that local halal-certification agency MUIS gives its familiar “stamp” only to food-related items like snacks and hawker stores, not cosmetic products like hair dyes?

That’s to say, hunting for a halal hair dye in Singapore can be a terribly tricky task.

To save you the trouble, we did the legwork and combed the internet (and drugstores) for the best halal hair dyes in Singapore – just for you.

Psst! So many of these halal hair dyes are organic and free from harmful chemicals, which means that even non-Muslims should be checking these good-for-hair dyes out.

How We Found The Halal Hair Dyes

While we were on our quest to search for halal-certified hair dyes in Singapore, we kept our eyes peeled for certifications from international – not local – certification bodies such as the World Halal Authority.

Besides halal-certified hair dyes, we also looked out for hair dyes that are labelled wudhu-friendly or water-permeable. The latter refers to hair dyes that don’t coat the strands and prevent water from entering the hair shaft during wudhu.

Another class of “halal” hair dyes we’ve chosen are based on their ingredients list: we searched for dyes, for example, that are free from animal-derived or synthetic chemical ingredients.

Organic-certified, vegan, henna-based, or ammonia-free, these halal-friendly hair dyes also made it to (the lower section of) our list. It’s important to note, however, that not all organic or vegan dyes can be certified halal as there are other factors to consider, say the manufacturing process.

Feel free to verify whether the products are halal or halal-friendly by clicking on the website links, contacting the relevant certification bodies, or checking with local Islamic bodies.

Read on for the best halal hair dyes in Singapore!

Best Halal Hair Dyes In Singapore

Gumash Hair Color Wudhu-friendly

halal hair dyes

Photo source: gumashcolor/Instagram

Type #halalhairdyes into the TikTok search bar and Gumash Hair Color is one of the first brands to appear in the results. Users are loving this brand for the lush selection of colours that are obvious even on non-bleach hair.

Note: Muslim-owned brand Gumash Hair Color doesn’t market its box dyes as being halal-certified. It does, however, promise that all of its box hair dyes are wudhu- and ibadah-friendly – they’re water-permeable and aren’t formulated with animal-derived ingredients.


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The box hair dyes are infused with nourishing argan oil and cocoa butter, as well as are henna-based and ammonia-free. This rich, natural blend will keep your hair feeling healthy every time you decide to have a DIY salon session at home.

If you’re searching for halal-friendly hair dyes to apply to your non-bleached mane, try the Copper, Chestnut, and Burgundy colours as they show up beautifully even on dark strands!

Gumash Hair Color retails from S$21 on Shopee.

Radico Colour Me Organic Halal-certified

halal hair dyes (1)

Spot the halal certification symbol on the packaging

Radico Colour Me Organic has been in the game for over three decades and specialises in creating organic and natural hair dyes, 100% free from chemicals.

Take one look at the long list of certifications the brand has acquired for its hair dye products, and you’ll know how serious its commitment is to creating organic formulations in accordance with strict guidelines.

Besides being verified with a Made Safe badge (which affirms that the hair dye is made with non-toxic, safe ingredients), the product is also certified organic by USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture) and vegan by The Vegan Society.

Not to mention, the hair dyes are also certified by RoyalCert as halal products.

As these gentler halal hair dyes use only organic herbs, you might have to apply them to your hair in several rounds to achieve a brighter, more salon-worthy colour!

Radico Colour Me Organic in Dark Brown retails for S$83.55 on Amazon. You can also find these halal hair dyes on Lazada.

Revlon Colorsilk Halal-certified

halal hair dyes (3)

Revlon Colorsilk is a halal-certified hair dye that you can pick up from the nearest Watsons stores in Singapore!

We made a trip down to Watsons ourselves and were delighted to spot a halal certification symbol on the side. Certified halal by the World Halal Authority (WHA), the Revlon Colorsilk range will let you switch up the colour on your tresses with peace of mind.

Made with 3D Color Gel Technology, the halal hair dyes will help you achieve a multi-tonal effect from the roots to the tips of your strands. That’s to say, the 41 dynamic shades available will instantly breathe life into your dull tresses.

Ammonia-free and free of harsh chemical fragrances, the dyes are also enriched with keratin and silk amino acid to give your locks extra shine!

Revlon Colorsilk retails for S$4 at Watsons. You can also find the dyes priced at S$10.10 on Revlon’s official Shopee store.

Garnier Color Naturals Halal-certified

halal hair dyes

The halal certification symbol is at the top right of the packaging

In 2016, Reuters reported that L’Orèal established a halal-certified factory in Indonesia, supplying products to the domestic Indonesian market as well as its Southeast Asian neighbours.

“Most products under its Garnier brand, from face washes to skin lightening creams, are halal-certified,” detailed the news agency.

We checked Garnier’s Indonesian website to find out if the brand’s popular hair dyes are halal-certified and, true enough, the Garnier Color Naturals Express Cream – also called Crème Riche – dyes are marked with a halal symbol at the top right corner.

The halal certification is provided by Majelis Ulama Indonesia, Indonesia’s top Muslim clerical body.

Enriched with three natural oils and free of ammonia, the Garnier Color Naturals halal hair dyes will let you try on bold new colours whilst keeping your hair healthy and shiny..

You can also find the Garnier Color Naturals (Black) retails for S$10.60 on Shopee.

Isstéru Japan Professional Herbal Essence Hair Colour Cream Halal-certified

halal hair dyes (12)

The halal certification symbol is at the bottom right corner

Isstéru Japan’s hair dye is halal-certified by the Islamic Food Research Centre Asia – you’ll find the familiar symbol on the bottom right corner of the box.

The halal hair dye is available in an impressive assortment of colours, ranging from cool Silver Gold and bold Cherry Red to everyday-wearable Chesnut.

Isstéru Japan Professional Herbal Essence Hair Colour Cream is available at S$6 each on Shopee.

L’Oréal Excellence Fashion Ash Supreme Permanent Hair Color Water permeable

halal hair dyes (4)

L’Oréal doesn’t state that the Excellence Fashion Ash Supreme Permanent Hair Color is halal-certified, but it does mention that this hair dye range is water permeable.

In other words, the hair dyes from this range will not form a coating on the hair or prevent water from penetrating the hair shaft during wudhu.

halal hair dyes (5)

Screengrab from the L’Orèal website. See the highlighted words.

The Excellence Fashion Ash Supreme Permanent Hair Color is available in 14 cool ash shades, including Smoky Ash, Champagne Ash, and Lavender Ash. You’ll be able to wear ultra-edgy colours on your mane – no bleaching required.

L’Oréal Excellence Fashion Ash Supreme Permanent Hair Color is priced between S$21.60 to S$43.23 on L’Oréal’s official Shopee store.

L’Oréal Excellence Crème Permanent Hair Color Water permeable

halal hair dyes (6)

Screengrab from L’Orèal’s website. See the highlighted words.

Another hair dye from L’Oréal that’s not halal-certified but is water permeable, the Excellence Crème Permanent Hair Color is infused with ceramide and keratin to nourish your strands, even as they undergo a colour refresh.

Again, as the hair dye is water permeable, it doesn’t form a coating around the hair shaft and allows water to pass through the strands during wudhu. L’Oréal also provides a full list of ingredients of this water-permeable hair dye on its website, which you can view here.

The hair dyes are available in deep brown shades ranging from Frosted Brown, Chocolate Brown, to Purple Brown.

L’Oréal Excellence Crème Permanent Hair Color retails at S$22.50 on the L’Oréal official Shopee store.

SimSim Japan Madam Henna Organic Hair Dye Organic-certified

halal hair dyes (8)

Madam Henna Sim Color Ex uses only natural herbs in its formula

Madam Henna is a 100% organic henna hair dye from Japan, free from animal-derived ingredients and synthetic chemicals.

Even though we can’t find a halal certification for this hair dye, it’s worth noting that these natural henna hair dyes are certified organic by Ecocert.

SimSim Japan’s Madam Henna Sim Color Ex is a hair dye powder that’s prepared by pouring the 25g pouch of powder into a bottle together with hot water and shaking it well.

The powder mixed with hot water will form a henna paste that you can use to dye your hair in shades of orange, brown, dark brown, or soft black.

halal hair dyes (9)

Madam Henna Sim Color Ex shaker set

The ingredients list is short and easy to decipher too. You’ll find only natural herbs in the formula, such as indigo, turmeric, hibiscus, rosemary, and henna, minus hard-to-understand chemical names.

If you’re purchasing the Madam Henna Sim Color Ex for the first time, we recommend getting the shaker set, which comes with a powder hair dye sachet and a special bottle so that you don’t have to measure how much water to mix in.

The next time, you can opt to cart out just the powder pouches, which you can use with the bottle you already have at home.

Since the Madam Henna Organic Hair Dye uses natural ingredients and avoids animal-derived or synthetic ingredients, you may consider it to be a halal-friendly hair dye.

SimSim Japan Madam Henna Organic Hair Dye retails between s$22.80 to S$43.90 on Shopee. You can also find the powder sachet for S$10.46 and the shaker set for S$33.82 on Yesstyle.

NaturVital ColourSafe Permanent Dye Vegan

halal hair dyes (10)

NaturVital ColourSafe Permanent Dye’s list of certifications at the bottom

NaturVital ColourSafe Permanent Dye is a hair dye that’s organic, natural, and vegan, made only with active ingredients of plant origin and free from animal-derived ingredients.

Although not halal-certified, you might consider these hair dyes halal-friendly.

Why? They use only certified organic extracts (check out the certification symbol on its website), avoid ingredients created by animals such as milk or honey, and aren’t tested on animals.

Brimming with sunflower seed extract, jojoba oil, and plant keratin, the hair dyes nourish your strands even as you dye them, so your hair continues to feel healthy and boasts a silky shine.

You can find the NaturVital hair dyes in a range of shades, including Hazelnut, Golden Blonde, Mahogany, and Light Chestnut.

Check out NaturVital’s FAQs and view a list of its certifications on its website.

NaturVital ColourSafe Permanent Dye retails for S$30.20 on NaturVital’s official Shopee store.

Himalaya Natural Shine Henna Henna

halal hair dyes (11)

This henna hair dye isn’t halal-certified, but it is made purely from natural plants and herbs! Free from PPD, ammonia, and other harmful synthetic chemicals, the Himalaya Natural Shine Henna is, as the brand promises, the “purest quality of Rajasthani Henna”.

How to use this henna hair dye? Let the powder soak in water for two to three hours before applying it to your hair from root to tip.

After leaving it in for three to four hours, get in the shower and rinse thoroughly with water to reveal a long-lasting brown on your mane!

See more information about this henna hair dye on Himalaya’s website.

Shop Himalaya Natural Shine Henna for S$7.52 (50g) on Shopee.