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The spooky season is upon us and to help us get prepped, beauty brands have crafted products in spell-binding packaging just for the occasion. Even if you aren’t one to celebrate Halloween, you’ll still enjoy these must-haves!

From a glow-in-the-dark bubble bar to literal buttons to de-puff your eyes, read on to discover all the products that are simply too cute to spook.

Lush Halloween 2022 Collection

Your self-care time is going to reach a whole new level of fun with this adorable collection that includes everything from bath bombs to a shower jelly.

There is so much for us to talk about but we want to give special mention to the Screamo Bath Bomb, Tarantula Shower Jelly, and Bubble Lugosi Bubble Bar.

The Screamo Bath Bomb (S$15) is sure to make you internally scream at how aesthetically pleasing the coloured water looks as the bath bomb sizzles away.

Plop this bath bomb in and the water will turn into a vibrant cobalt blue. While it sizzles away, an addicting cherry almond scent will fill the air.

We’re not usually a fan of creepy crawlies but this shower jelly is the perfect companion for some Halloween bath time fun.

This Tarantula Shower Jelly (S$35) is formulated with activated charcoal for thorough cleansing while featuring rainbow glitter and cherry amaretto fragrance as a lovely treat for your senses.

You can use this in the tub or your shower, so it is perfect for every bathroom.

Lastly, the Bubble Lugosi Bubble Bar (S$15) is sure to set the mood right for your Halloween bath time with its glow-in-the-dark feature.

As it illuminates your tub in an eerie glow, watch it foam up into a heap of bubbles and fill your shower area with a sweet berry scent.

The Lush Halloween 2022 collection is available at Lush.sg.

ColourPop Hocus Pocus 2 Collection

Hocus Pocus is a classic Halloween movie and they are back with a sequel. To celebrate this, ColourPop has launched a makeup collection. The release of this collection comes right in time for Halloween.

This collection includes:

  • All Hallows Eve Pressed Powder Palette (S$35.37): 15 amazing shades are featured in this palette. We love the variety of looks you can achieve with shades like bright orange, rich forest green, and cool-toned purple. Aside from the usual Matte, Metallic, and Matte Sparkle finishes, ColourPop has added their new Pearlescent Glitter finish which will give you the softest illumination.
  •  So Glassy Lip Gloss (S$35.37 as a set, S$13.26 individually): You can give your lips a glass-like shine with these three lip glosses. They come in prismatic pearl shades which give you that holographic glitter effect, taking your lip look to the next level. The shades available are peachy nude, sparkling clear, and sheer sparkling black, which are inspired by the three witches.
  • SOL Shimmering Body Powder (S$22.10): With its buttery pay-off, this liquid-powder highlighter will give your face a glamorous lightbulb glow. It comes in an ivory opal with gold and green duo chrome finish that gives off the perfect witchy vibe.
  • Jelly Much Shadow (S$53.05 as a set, S$14.74 individually): This eye shadow’s jelly formula is a fan favourite among ColourPop users. Satisfying to touch, this jelly also offers vibrant pigment with just one swipe and delivers a gorgeous glittery metallic finish. It even has a unique water-based formula that makes it a lot more blendable. It comes in metallic copper, vivid warm violet, and metallic ivory opal, all inspired by the three witches.
  • BFF Mascara (S$14.74): Inspired by the popular character Billy Butcherson, this volumising mascara features a rich plum shade that is sure to draw attention to your eyes this Halloween.

Photo source: @sadiexoxos/Instagram

If you’re as excited as us and want to get every item in this collection, go for the Full Collection (S$145.89). This gives you everything in the collection at a discounted price!

The ColourPop Hocus Pocus 2 Collection is available at ColourPop.

Beetlejuice x Makeup Revolution Collection

We are absolutely obsessed with this jam-packed collection that includes not only makeup products but beauty tools.

All items come in a limited-edition Beetlejuice packaging with either motifs or quotes from the film on them.

We want to shine a mini spotlight on the It’s Showtime Eyeshadow Palette, Lydia Lipstick, and the Beetlejuice Mirror.

Every franchise-inspired collaboration must have an eyeshadow palette that does justice to the original work and the It’s Showtime Eyeshadow Palette (S$20.50) does not disappoint.

It comes in an adorable packaging that resembles Beetlejuice’s iconic outfit. It also features a variety of shimmer and matte finishes with green, purple, black, and gold shades that match the colour scheme of the film.

Dress your lips in a bold red hue with the gorgeous Lydia Lipstick (S$8.50). This lipstick is inspired by the iconic red dress Lydia (played by Winona Ryder) wore in the film. With its velvety satin finish, this lippie can compliment any Halloween outfit.

Finally, the Beetlejuice Mirror (S$17.00) comes with a motif of Beetlejuice on it while sporting the iconic green and black stripes of the character. This beauty tool acts as a cute collectible and a great addition to your vanity or makeup cabinet.

The Makeup Revolution x Beetlejuice collection is available at Lookfantastic.

Pupa Devil

This is a cute and compact buddy for you to bring along during your travels or night outs. Pop this Devil open and reveal a compact mirror, black pencil for your eyeliner or eyebrows, compact eyeshadows, compact blushes, and compact lippies.

The possibilities are endless with the compact eyeshadows that this Devil has in store for you. There are a few eyeshadow pans with matte and glitter finishes for you to pick from.

We’re also fond of the lip pans because you can pick between a fully pigmented lip cream or sheer glosses.

This Devil offers two colour schemes for you to explore. One features peachier nudes and pink hues while the other has darker neutrals and vibrant reds. You can even pick between red or black for the colour of your Devil case.

The Pupa Devil retails for E€29 (~S$40.21) available at Pupa Milano

Coraline x Makeup Revolution Collection

Looking at this collection triggers a sense of nostalgia for us and we’re sure that you’ll feel the same. Coraline is a classic childhood movie that gave us chills every Halloween. Now, they are collaborating with Makeup Revolution for a beautiful collection.

Just like the other collections, this one is also filled with many items that pay tribute to the film. Let’s take a closer look at some of the items in this collection.

The Button Eye Eyeshadow Palette (E€20.99, ~S$29.11) is not your typical palette. Instead of opening it like a book, twist this palette to reveal a variety of colours that remind us of Coraline herself.

There is a bright yellow shade which represents her raincoat, a deep black that reminds us of the button eyes, and so many more amazing details sprinkled into this palette. You can play around with a variety of glitters and mattes to get the perfect look.

Some of the pans are even embossed with motifs of dragonflies or looking stones and these small details make the palette extra magical.

Most of us would avoid getting our eyes turned into buttons but these Cooling Button Eye Pads (E€6.99, ~S$9.69) will leave you saying otherwise.

Photo source: @youngforevermakeup/TikTok

Pop these into the freezer for about 30 minutes and place them on your eyes for 10 to 15 minutes. These pads are filled with shimmering purple liquid that will de-puff your eyes when cooled, making them the perfect tool to prep your eyes before your makeup routine.

The Dragonfly Hair Clips (E€6.99, ~S$9.69) are an iconic piece from the movie and now you can replicate the look too. Whether you wear it for Halloween or a normal day out, these bejewelled accessories will take your look to the next level.

Each pack includes two dragonflies on a single-pronged clip that can easily secure your hair together.

Style your hair however you want with these two clips. Whether you want to place them at the sides of your head for a simple half-do or just to keep your fringe out of the way, the Dragonfly Hair Clips are a must to add-to-cart.

Coraline x Makeup Revolution Collection is available at Revolution Beauty.

Smashbox Masters of Horror

Trust us when we tell you that this collection sent a shiver down our spines. As the name suggests, this collection is inspired by the iconic characters from classic horror stories like Frankenstein, Chucky, Dracula, Bride of Frankenstein, and Bride of Chucky.

This collection includes the Legendary Prime & Plush Lipstick and the Cream Eyeshadow with each character having a unique shade attached to their name.

From a peachy nude and a vibrant red for normal day-outs to a deep purple, rich green, and dark brown for a more gothic look, the Legendary Prime & Plush Lipstick (US$24, ~S$34.23) has a shade for everyone.

These lippies also have a satin finish that will add an elegant touch to your lip looks.

The Cream Eyeshadow (US$22, ~S$31.38) features more muted shades compared to the lipstick.

It comes in grey, black, purple, green, and peach. One swipe of this creamy eyeshadow and your eyes will be covered by this highly-pigmented formula. It is also waterproof so your tears or sweat won’t get in the way of your eye looks.

The Smashbox Masters of Horror is available at Smashbox.

Featured image credit: @youngforevermakeup/TikTok and @heartdefensor/TikTok