From the artfully picture perfect poke bowls to the incessant need for #eatclean and healthy living, the trend for virtuous eating is far off from dying out – in fact, it’s picking up. You may ask why eating virtuously important. The truth is, having good luminous skin starts with good eating. Our skincare health reflects our internal body health.

If you are busy and hate joining the peak hour lunch crowd, here are eight healthy food delivery services you can get started with.

1. Yolo Food

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Yolo Food guides you to figure out your calorie intake requirement (based on your height, weight, and lifestyle), and from there, you’ll be able to select a plan that fits that requirement. The best part is that, if you choose a combo, a lunch, afternoon snack and dinner would be planned for you based on your calorie intake target, making it super easy for you to eat healthily. Oh, and did we mention that Yolo Food is also halal-certified?

Price: Starting from SGD19.80 for lunch, snacks, and dinner

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2. Grain

Founded in 2013, Grain is an on-demand healthy food service. You can pick and choose from their daily menu and place your order between 11am- 2pm. Once you have ordered, Grain will send you a hearty wholesome meal packed full of nutrients and premium ingredients.

Price: SGD10 – SGD14

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3. Food Matters

For fussy eaters or beginners foraying into the world of healthy eating, Food Matters has healthier hawker food options for you to order from. It’s like getting the best of both worlds – yummy hawker food but with lower calories. Each dish also comes with careful labelling of ingredients and nutritional information so you know exactly what kind of goodness you are getting from your meals.

Price: SGD7 – SGD10

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4. Do Si Rak

Create your own DIY bibimbap with Do Si Rak. Every Do Si Rak bowl comes with the standard Korean premium white rice and five sides. You choose from a selection of proteins to add more nutrients to your meal. It’s a healthy, tasty and convenient takeaway option for those busy days.

Price: SGD7 – SGD14

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5. Maki San

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Sushi rolls served in eye-catching, quirky boxes, it is hard to miss Maki San. You can either choose from a pre-designed menu or make-your-own by choosing the fillings you like. While Maki San is probably best known for their physical outlets, they also offer delivery, which makes it extra convenient. Opt for brown rice if you really want to take an extra step towards healthier eating habits.

Price: SGD8 – SGD14

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6. Fit Three

Fit Three is targeted for the gym-goers and the health-conscious. Order online and pick a three-day or five-day plan. Your meals will arrive at chosen pickup spots, which are near to gyms, yoga studios. For workout enthusiasts, Fit Three meal packs are like the constant companion with you to end your workout.

Price: SGD13 per meal

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AMGD is short for AHHMAHGAWD. On top of having a quirky name, AMGD serves and delivers healthy lunch packs straight to you. You can order online on their website and choose from a variety of menu, which includes wraps and rice boxes that look incredibly appetising.

Price: Starting from SGD17 per meal but you can opt for packages with more meals – the more meals you commit to, the cheaper the price of each meal.

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8. Boxgreen

Snack pangs and cravings are hard to chase away. Instead of binging on cookies and junk food, there are healthier snack options that can help stave hunger, without loading on the calories. Boxgreen is a snack box delivery service that fills your office pantry with delicious and wholesome options every month.

Price: SGD99 per month, with 50 snacks per box that feeds two to five people

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