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If you’ve had a recent visit to the dentist, you would know that flossing is a fundamental step that can’t be skipped, especially if you’re striving for healthy teeth and gums.

But flossing can be such a boring and gross routine. So, why not make your dental routine extra fun with these cute, pink Hello Kitty floss picks?

Hello Kitty Flossers the flosser

Look at how adorable these floss picks are with these Hello Kitty designs decorated along the handle. It’s almost as if Hello Kitty herself is cheering you on to keep your dental hygiene up!

These picks are less than 0.14mm thick and able to reach even the tightest of spaces for an easy clean.

These fun flossers will no doubt add a little joy to your day-to-day routine, even if you aren’t a fan of the kitty idol.

Hello Kitty Flossers the container

However, the cuteness doesn’t stop there. These flossers are packaged in this clear plastic container that is shaped like Hello Kitty’s head and paws!

Go ahead and stock up on these cuties to make sure your days are filled with Hello Kitty goodness, as each box comes with fifty flossers at a shelf life of five years.

The Hello Kitty flossers retail for ¥59 (~S$12.20) on Taobao.

Featured image credit: RED