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The end of Ramadan is an occasion of joy and forgiveness, celebrated through the gathering of loved ones, lavish spreads of food, and decorations. Henna art, which uses a natural plant-based and temporary dye, is often worn during periods of festivity – one big one being Hari Raya Puasa.

In the spirit of Eid al-Fitr, visit these henna artists in Singapore for classic and contemporary designs to adorn yourself with during the upcoming celebrations and beyond!

Indian Inks

henna artists in singapore

Whether you dig traditional henna designs or modern Jagua “tattoo” art, you can’t go wrong when you visit Indian Inks, a young henna and Jagua ink art business that makes its services available at pop-up booths around Singapore.

Unlike henna, a brown paste made from the leaves of a henna tree, Jagua ink is made from Jagua fruit and leaves a dark blue ink stain that mimics that of a permanent tattoo. Only, Jagua ink art is temporary just as henna art is.


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♬ Originalton – 𝘽𝙤𝙡𝙡𝙮𝙬𝙤𝙤𝙙🧚‍♀️

Right in time for this year’s Hari Raya celebrations, Indian Inks has its booth set up at the Geylang Bazaar and it’s already in full swing.

Beyond the Hari Raya festivities, you can check out Indian Inks’ Instagram page for the latest updates on where its next pop-up booth with be.

Get your favourite designs “inked” by founder, Shereen, any time between 15 April to 21 April, from 11am to 11pm, at the air-conditioned tent at the popular bazaar. Henna and Jagua ink art is priced between S$5 and S$40, depending on the design.

Location: 845 Geylang Road, Geylang Bazaar Air-Conditioned Tent, Singapore 400845
When: 11am – 11pm (15 April to 21 April)
Contact: DM @indianinks.sg on Instagram for enquiries
Instagram | TikTok

Khair Henna

henna artists in singapore (7)

Photo source: @khairhenna/Instagram

Ready yourself to be enchanted by the immaculate, symmetrical henna designs created by Khairunnisa Chow, the Singapore henna artist behind Khair Henna.

Established in 2014, Khair Henna has created endless henna designs for brides-to-be, from classic patterns to ones that embrace a more minimalist look or elegant blooms.

henna artists in singapore (8)

Eid Henna 2023. Photo source: @khairhenna/Instagram

This Eid, you’ll be excited to discover that Khair Henna is teaming up with seven other henna artists in Singapore to bring you henna art galore in one place!

Even though appointment slots are already filled up, the artist has generously made walk-ins available only between 19 April and 21 April.

When you walk in, you’ll be assigned to any one of the seven henna artists that are available. The choice of henna artist has been reserved for those who have made confirmed bookings.

“Eid Henna” by Khair Henna and other henna artists is just the event to look forward to as Hari Raya Puasa draws near.

Location: 227 Choa Chu Kang Central, #02-195, Singapore 680227
When: 19 April, 12pm – 11pm | 20 April, 10am – 11pm | 21 April, 10am – 11pm
Contact: WhatsApp 9073 7296
Website | Instagram

Fauzella Artistry

henna artists in singapore (9)

Photo source: @fauzellaartistry/Instagram

We’re in awe of the super-intricate designs that Fauzella, the henna artist and founder of Fauzella Artistry, creates for her bride customers.

Often when you get your henna art done with Fauzella Artistry, the small and the big come together to form overall grand designs, like thin-lined floral motifs on the fingers, juxtaposed with bold leaf patterns across the wrist.

Fauzella is one of the henna artists in Singapore who will be at the “Eid Henna” event this year! You can also check out this henna artist’s regular prices here.

Location: 227 Choa Chu Kang Central, #02-195, Singapore 680227
When: 19 April, 12pm – 11pm | 20 April, 10am – 11pm | 21 April, 10am – 11pm


henna artists in singapore (10)

Photo source: @mishenna/Instagram

Henna designs take on a new lease of life with Mishenna’s ultra-fine, sinuous lines. The Singapore henna artist uses only 100% natural henna or Hengua – a mix of henna and Jagua ink, so you can wear either reddish-brown or a deep, dark brown stain on your hands as you celebrate Hari Raya!

Mishenna is another popular henna artist who will be at the “Eid Henna” event. Beyond the Raya celebrations, you can check out Mishenna’s regular services and prices here.

Location: 227 Choa Chu Kang Central, #02-195, Singapore 680227
When: 19 April, 12pm – 11pm | 20 April, 10am – 11pm | 21 April, 10am – 11pm


henna artists in singapore (1)

Photo source: @itshennaflair, @the.whiteconnection/Instagram

Keep this Singapore henna artist bookmarked for next year’s Hari Raya celebrations – because her appointment slots are already filled for the entire of 2023.

Founder Azzah Atifah is a self-taught henna artist, who’s also a university student, which means that whenever she’s not studying or occupied with student life, she’s creating beautiful henna art.


so glad to meet everyone! #itshennaflair #eidhenna

♬ Payphone – Lyrics Art. 🇵🇭

Her henna art includes intricate, classic designs for occasions like birthdays and weddings, as well as, once in a while, modern sketches too.

To book an appointment, drop @itshennaflair a DM on Instagram indicating your name, contact, preferred date and time, and type of event: bridal, party, or casual.

Contact: 9787 2782, or DM @itshennaflair on Instagram for enquiries
Website | Instagram | TikTok


henna artists in singapore (2)

Photo source: @stainedbysaf/Instagram

For classic henna art designs or ones with a playful modern twist, turn to Singapore henna artist @stainedbysaf.

It’s best you move fast if you want this henna artist to get your designs done in time for Hari Raya 2023, because there are limited slots left between 18 April to 21 April!

henna artists in singapore (3)

Photo source: @stainedbysaf/Instagram

How it works is that you pay a S$10 deposit when you make a booking by sending @stainedbysaf a direct message on Instagram. For Eid 2023, all appointments will be held at Clementi Avenue 1, with each slot lasting for 45 minutes.

Muslim customers who have slots at 6pm are free to stay to break their fast, and the henna artist will even provide water and dates for you to do so!

Location: Clementi Avenue 1 (Full address will be provided after the booking is confirmed).
Contact: WhatsApp 8117 6655 or DM @stainedbysaf on Instagram


henna artists in singapore (4)

Photo source: @stainedbyann/Instagram

Wear an elegant twisting of flowers and leaves on the back of your hands when you book a session with Singapore henna artist @stainedbyann this Hari Raya 2023!

The henna artist has only two dates dedicated to creating henna art for the upcoming festivities, which are 19 April and 20 April. The sessions will be held at Hougang Avenue 1, with henna art priced starting at S$10 for adults and S$5 for kids.

You can bring a friend along to get your henna done together as the henna artist allows two pax for each slot. Do note that you’ll have to make a non-refundable S$5 deposit when you make your reservation, but the S$5 will be offset from your total bill when the session is over.

Location: Hougang Avenue 1 (Full address will be provided after the booking is confirmed)
Contact: Make your booking through this form

Disha Creationz

henna artists in singapore (6)

This Singapore henna artist weaves pictures and unique motifs into her henna art, turning classic designs into ones that are one-of-a-kind. It’s no wonder that the artist has over 10 thousand followers on Instagram.

Still, it’s worth trying your luck at securing a slot with this henna artist by sending them a WhatsApp message indicating your preferred date and time. You’ll be donning designs that are simply beautiful for this joyous occasion.

Otherwise, we’ll be dog-earing this henna artist for other festivities or scheduling our slots way in advance next year!

Contact: WhatsApp 9270 6024

By Shulabb

henna artists in singapore (11)

Singapore henna artist By Shulabb creates unique contemporary henna designs that feature beautiful floral patterns and a wild twisting of vines.

You can choose between natural henna, Hengua, and Jagua ink to don designs that range from light brown, deep brown, to blue-black this Raya.

If you’re hoping to wear flowers all over your palms and on the back of your hands during the upcoming celebrations, book the remaining Eid Henna slots available through WhatsApp. Adults can get henna art done starting at S$10 and kids starting at S$5.

Location: Tampines North Drive 2 | Northshore Drive (Full address will be given when booking is confirmed)
When: 19 to 21 April 2023
Contact: WhatsApp 9829 2200


henna artists in singapore (12)

Safinah Kalifulla, founder of Ancientouch, is a henna artist in Singapore who’s not just dedicated to creating impressive henna designs for bride to wear on their big day, but also is committed to helping out those in need.

“Project Bride by Ancientouch” is a long-running project that aims to help one financially needy bride per month.

The henna artist creates bridal henna artwork on the bride’s hands for free in preparation for her wedding day, as well as sponsors her bridal makeup so that she feels her best on the special occasion.

Other projects Ancientouch has hosted include the “Henna for Hope”, a charity henna event to raisie funds for a beneficiary under Ray of Hope.

henna artists in singapore (12)

But, back to the Hari Raya celebrations, Safinah has opened up multiple slots for booking on 19 April 2023, from 10.30am to 7pm. Henna art is priced starting at S$15 for adults and S$10 for children. You can book your slot here!

Location: Woodlands, Singapore 730880 (Full address will be given when booking is confirmed)
When: 19 April 2023
Contact: WhatsApp 8790 6911 or email [email protected]
Website | Facebook | Instagram

Featured image credit: Indian Inks, By Shulabb 

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