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There are countless affordable beauty products out there. However, it takes more than a little effort to find something adorable and affordable at the same time.

Previously, we’ve shared a number of cute budget-friendly makeup items such as cat paw eyeliners and notebook eyeshadow palettes which were on sale for less than S$4.

Herorange Playful Witch Soft Mist Lip Glazes the lippies

Today, we’re sharing these playful little witch lip glazes with you. These aren’t just precious, but they’re also going on sale for less than S$4 right now, and we’re totally going to collect them all.

Available in three different playful designs, there’s a light pink witch, a pastel purple winking witch, and a dark blue cheeky witch.

Herorange Playful Witch Soft Mist Lip Glazes the shades

Even though there are only three witchy designs, these lip glazes come in a total of nine different shades. You can find many shades of red and plum, as well as an interesting navy blue.

Love classic red shades? You should pick up the shade R01# for that classic bright red, Snow White look. Or you could even try out that shade of blue, we believe you could totally pull it off!

With a cream formula that dries down to a soft matte, you can expect nice and moisturised lips even as you go about your day-to-day activities.

Reviewers mention that there’s a very subtle fragrance of grapes, but otherwise, it’s mostly scentless. So, there’s no need to worry about being overwhelmed with fragrance.

Do you have a favourite shade? Have you already added these to your carts? We certainly have!

The Herorange Playful Witch Soft Mist Lip Glazes retail for S$4.22 on Shopee, but are going for S$3.11 at time of writing.

Featured image credit: trenstopia