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svenson social experimentIn a room where four men are all wearing hats or caps, how easy will it be for everyone else to guess which of them has a hair loss problem? Watch this video to see how many voted the right person at the end of the experiment.

Hair loss can happen to anyone and it doesn’t discriminate based on age. In fact, study has shown that the age of people suffering from hair loss is getting younger and younger, due to higher level of stress. Inappropriate or excessive hair styling is another cause of hair fall that are very common among Singaporeans.

Here are some general tips to preventing hair loss:

  • Have a balanced diet that consists of a good amount of protein and vitamins. Protein helps hair to grow stronger and faster, and is a key nutrition when it comes to hair health. You’ll find protein mainly in meats, but even if you’re a vegetarian – don’t worry – you can also receive abundant protein in the form of spinach and tofu. As for vitamins, look out for foods with vitamin B, C and E, especially. These are particularly good in helping you achieve thick, strong hair.
  • Stress is one of the factors that cause hair loss. While most of us face stress regularly due to busy schedules and heavy workload, we can try to manage it. Some ways to stress management includes: exercising regularly, and adopting habits and hobbies that can help you relax. Having sufficient rest also helps make sure you feel less edgy and more calm.
  • Hair styling products can cause clogging in your scalp, which is a disastrous recipe to hair loss. Avoid getting hair styling products onto your scalp and always wash your hair thoroughly to ensure healthy scalp.

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