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K-Pop boy band Highlight (missing Yoon Doo-Joon, who was busy with military duties) just came over to our sunny shores for a special press conference and the complete unexpected – an exclusive mini-concert for all the fans who went for Shilla’s 4th Anniversary celebratory event.

For those in the know, Highlight is the newest ambassador to represent beauty giant Shilla Duty Free.

As expected of any K-Pop concert – mini or no – there were tons and tons of screaming, adoring fans holding up loving banners, Highlight-themed light sticks, in addition to a completely (oestrogen) packed T4 area.

We’re talking about crowds like this…

Shilla Media Conference Highlight 1

And this.

Shilla Media Conference Highlight 2

And of course, with posters like this.

Shilla Media Conference Highlight 3

But if you’re here for their beauty secrets and other updates, here’s what we managed to find out from them during the press conference.

How do you feel representing the face of Shilla Duty Free?

Shilla Media Conference Highlight 4

“We feel very honoured, as we know that Shilla Duty Free store has been awarded as one of the top retail stores in Asia,” the group responded.

What do you like about Shilla Duty Free?

Shilla Media Conference Highlight 14

“We like that there is a very wide variety of beauty products at the store, and suitable for buying gifts as well, so I’ll be buying gifts for my family,” Dong Woon said, and then added: “It’s my mother’s birthday soon too, so I’ll be going by Shilla Duty Free later to get my mother a gift.”

What are your must-have beauty items when you travel?

Shilla Media Conference Highlight 6

“One of my favourite things to bring would be facial mist, as it is a good quick fix when hydrating dry skin on the plane,” Yo-seob said, which Gi Kwang also agreed with quickly.

On the other hand, Jun Hyung finds comfort in lip balms and in his words, lip balms help to maintain his “handsome lips”. Judging by the shrieking fans hollers and screams right after, we assume his adoring fans are in complete agreement.

“I always bring around my foundation with me, so that I can look good for the fans if I happen to see them,” Dong Woon said, and then continued: “I also always bring hand cream around with me in case fans want to shake hands with me.”

As busy idols always travelling around on tours, how do you maintain your beauty and skin?

Shilla Media Conference Highlight 7

“I don’t really do anything much; I guess I’ll just have to thank my parents for giving me such good skin!” Yo-seob said rather cheekily, while the rest swore by facial mists to keep their face constantly hydrated and moisturised, especially in the current dry, chilly weather in Korea.

Highlight has stuck through thick and thin through these 9 years. How did you manage to stay together through all those years?

Shilla Media Conference Highlight 8

“We just had a lot of serious communication, and a lot of inside jokes along the way,” they said in unison.

Do you give each other nicknames in your contact list?

Shilla Media Conference Highlight 15

“No,” Gi Kwang said, to the disappointment to screaming fans. “I actually did at first, but it got very difficult to find them in my contacts list, so I just changed it back to their names.”

Shilla Media Conference Highlight 13

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  1. Hi-touch event

Hi-touch event

Shilla Media Conference Highlight 12

VIP ticket holders also managed to do a hi-touch event special where fans lined up and took turns to high-five the Highlight members on the stage.

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