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If you’re an avid foodie, you’re probably no stranger to pink Himalayan salt being a popular ingredient used by chefs in recent years to prepare a variety of dishes. You’ve probably seen all the new-fangled pink Himalayan salt lamps being peddled online and at flea markets too, touted as natural air purifiers.

Another more recent use of pink Himalayan salt: in toothpaste formulas. Hailing from Korea under the LG Household Group, Himalaya Pinksalt carries a selection of toothpastes that are formulated with pink Himalayan salt.

Asian Woman Brushing Teeth Smiling

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While pink Himalayan salt in toothpaste is quite out of the ordinary, general salt however is no new-age ingredient in oral care.

In fact, there’s an ancient Egyptian recipe from the fourth century A.D. that combined salt with pepper, mint, and dried iris flower to keep the mouth fresh and clean (despite making gums bleed with its abrasiveness).

People in China and Korea also resorted to rubbing salt on their teeth as a natural remedy, but discovered more palatable ingredients such as mint and ginseng later on which led them to mix these better tasting ingredients into their primitive toothpaste formula.

We of course no longer have to massage salt on our teeth to keep them clean; instead, you can now brush your teeth with it with Himalaya Pinksalt’s range of salt-based toothpastes that recently made their way to Singapore from Korea.

The premium Korean oral care brand features precious mineral-rich pink salt from the pristine Himalayan sea, which is specifically chosen for its purifying and refreshing properties that are beneficial for maintaining healthy teeth and gums.

To ensure safety and quality of its products, the brand promises a strict exclusion of eight known allergens and chemicals, including sodium benzoate, animal derivatives, tar pigment, gluten, and mineral oil, so you can be assured that the toothpaste is formulated as natural as possible without compromising on effectiveness.

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What are the benefits of using a toothpaste that contains pink Himalayan salt?

Himalaya Pinksalt Pumping Toothpaste

Meet the brand’s signature products, the pumping toothpastes in Ice Calming Mint (left) and Brightening Floral (right)

Good question! The brand’s unique ingredient, that is pink Himalayan salt, is indeed one of the ingredients you don’t commonly see in toothpaste formulas.

This unrefined salt is known to many to boast a host of health and beauty benefits, as it can be a natural remedy for skin exfoliation, restoring electrolyte levels (good for post-workout session or when you are down with flu),  improving skin and respiratory problems, and soothing sore muscles.

While pink Himalayan salt is chemically similar to regular table salt (it contains 98% sodium chloride), this substance does have higher trace mineral content of potassium, magnesium, and calcium compared to regular salt – these trace minerals are what give the salt its unique rosy tint.

The use of pink Himalayan salt in Himalaya Pinksalt’s range of oral care products has been found to offer superior plaque removal and gingivitis improvement – Kyung Hee University Dental Hospital in Seoul, Korea discovered in its three-month clinical research of 61 participants that the pink Himalayan salt-based toothpastes were able to clear away plague by 87% and improve gingivitis 3.6 times better than the regular variant in the market.

To boost the efficacy of pink Himalayan salt, Himalaya Pinksalt incorporates 1000ppm of fluoride and a myriad of other unique ingredients such as bamboo salt and magnolia officinalis bark extract in all its toothpaste formulations.

Not only does this special concoction effectively get rid of plaque while improving gingivitis, but it also helps fight bad breath, soothe teeth sensitivity, and reduce plaque and gum inflammation.

On top of that, the ingredients are also capable of preventing cavities, tar build-up, and gum disease (periodontitis) by eliminating 99.9% of bacteria and decreasing mineral loss in our teeth.

Additionally, Himalaya Pinksalt’s toothpastes are formulated to be a lot milder than the usual cooling menthol-based toothpastes – this makes the toothpastes especially kid-friendly and great to use before bedtime as the formulas are more relaxing to the senses compared to those containing strong menthol or mint.

For children, a pea-sized amount of the Himalaya Pinksalt toothpaste is more than sufficient for a total oral cleanse – just be sure to supervise if your kid is below six years old!

Meet the Himalaya Pinksalt products that you should add into your daily routine

Himalaya Pinksalt Tube Toothpaste All Variants

Himalaya Pinksalt tube toothpastes in Floral Mint (left), Ice Calming Mint (centre), and Brightening Floral (right)

Himalayan Pinksalt has launched three flavour variants under its toothpaste range in Singapore, namely the Ice Calming Mint, Floral Mint, and Brightening Floral flavours.

A bestseller since its release in Singapore, Ice Calming Mint is a pink-hued paste that offers excellent antibacterial properties while leaving your mouth with instant cooling freshness.

Floral Mint is a creamy formula that offers a pleasant floral aroma with a hint of sweetness minus any artificial taste, while Brightening Floral is infused with pearl powder for the maintenance of your pearly whites.

You’ll be happy to know that all tube toothpastes from Himalaya Pinksalt contain encapsulated aloe vera essence, which is specifically chosen for its soothing properties on irritated gums.

Apart from the regular tube packaging, both the Ice Calming Mint and Brightening Mint variants also come in a pump design that’s patented by LG Household & Health Care.

Not only is the large sharing size perfect for the entire family to use, but it’s also very economical and convenient to use – just one pump is needed to dispense sufficient toothpaste for each individual so there’s hardly any product wastage.

The patented pump packaging is hygienic as well, your toothbrush will never have to touch the nozzle at all which limits bacteria transfer. Thanks to its gel-like formulation, you don’t have to worry about getting white residue stains if you accidentally get toothpaste on your clothing.

Himalaya Pinksalt Mouthwash Toothbrush

Himalaya Pinksalt Ice Calming Mint Mouth Wash (left) plus two toothbrush variants

In addition to toothpaste, Himalaya Pinksalt also has a mouthwash and toothbrushes in its line of products.

Packed with various minerals, the Ice Calming Mint Mouth Wash is infused with centella asiatica – known for its antioxidant and hydrating properties – to take care of your mouth while further clearing away bacteria in difficult-to-reach areas such as between the gaps and the back of your teeth.

Meanwhile, the toothbrush is designed with ultra-fine 0.01mm dual bristles that are infused with pink Himalayan salt to better clean teeth while remaining gentle on delicate, sensitive or weak gums.

The slim-headed toothbrush also comes in another variant that’s fitted with charcoal-infused bristles for a more refreshing cleanse, and both variants are designed with a combination of rounded outer bristles and squared inner bristles for superior plaque removal without hurting gums.

Himalaya Pinksalt: Prices and where to buy

Here’s the complete price list of the Himalaya Pinksalt product range that’s currently available in Singapore:

  • Ice Calming Mint Pumping Toothpaste: S$14.90
  • Brightening Mint Pumping Toothpaste: S$16.90
  • Ice Calming Mint Toothpaste (tube): S$7.90
  • Floral Mint Toothpaste (tube): S$7.90
  • Brightening Mint Toothpaste (tube): S$8.90
  • Ice Calming Mint Mouth Wash: S$8.90
  • Toothbrush (Regular and Charcoal variants available): S$4.50

Himalaya Pinksalt is now available at selected Cold Storage and Giant outlets as well as online at LG Household Singapore’s official e-store on Lazada.

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