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If you haven’t heard, CHANEL dropped their Baume Essential Multi-use Glow Stick, and it’s causing quite the stir in the beauty community.

And let’s be real, we totally get why – it delivers that unbeatable glossy effect on your cheeks, helping you nail that coveted glass skin look!

But, of course, this beauty comes with a hefty price tag. Not everyone is ready to splurge on this, but fear not, as Chinese makeup artists have found a more pocket-friendly dupe.

So, if you’re itching to unveil this beauty secret and find out where to snag it, keep reading!

What’s The Secret Dupe For That Glass Skin Glow?


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It’s none other than the True Dimension Radiance Balm from the Korean makeup brand, Hince!

Much like CHANEL’s Glow Stick, Hince’s Radiance Balm is a versatile product infused with natural shimmer to reflect light, providing a luminous and glowing complexion.


Photo credit: @hince_official/Instagram.

It works as a highlighter, blush, eye shadow, and even as a lip glow! So, if you aspire to achieve that dreamy wet, shimmery skin look, this balm serves as the ideal finishing touch to your makeup routine.

This balm boasts transparent colour tones, giving you a natural glow as if it’s radiating from your own skin. With delicate sheer colours, it creates a translucent, multi-dimensional glow when you swipe it on.


Photo credit: @hince_official/Instagram.

Using it is a breeze – swipe it where you want that highlight and glow, then blend and diffuse with your fingertips. Thanks to its thin, spreadable texture, you can build up or layer it for your preferred level of shine.

The Shades


Photo credit: @hince_official/Instagram.

Compact and portable, you can take it on the go for touch-ups throughout the day. Take your pick from these four shades:

  • Clear: Crystal clear pure glow
  • Dawn Ray: Poised glow with a beige undertone
  • Tender Room: Soft glistening peachy glow
  • Light: Sophisticated glow with fine pearl

Is It Worth Purchasing?

Well, the answer seems to be a resounding yes! This Korean sensation is flying off the shelves, and beauty creators are hooked.


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♬ original sound – Rachel

Rachel (@rachel.y.kim) swears by the clear shade for that glowy finish without added colour, allowing her to use any blush she wants underneath.

Plus, she swears by its moisturising balm texture that stays non-cakey throughout the day. Her tip? Use it on top of cream products for the ultimate glow.


Obsessed with the transparent balms! Ib @stephhui

♬ original sound – Alessa

Alessa (@alessa.miki) enjoys applying the balm on top of her eyeshadow, describing it as taking her look to the next level. She loves the extra shine, achieving the “prettiest glass skin” effortlessly.

Where To Purchase This Product


Photo credit: @hince_official/Instagram.

Hince True Dimension Radiance Balm retails for S$30.52 on Shopee.

Featured image credits: @rachel.y.kim/Tiktok, @sacheu/TikTok, @alessa.miki/TikTok.