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C-beauty brands have some of the most gorgeous releases, and this time around, the item that’s caught our eye is from HOLD LIVE Cosmetics.

We spotted these gorgeous honeycomb eyeshadow palettes on social media and immediately fell in love with them.

Honeycomb Palette Closed

The pans are joined to create a honeycomb pattern, and you can see all the shades through the see-through case.

These nine-colour eyeshadow palettes not only look good, but also pack a pigmented punch.

There are three different versions of this gorgeous palette, all of which contain both matte and shimmer shades, so you can really make your eyes stand out.

HOLD LIVE #601 Honeycomb Honey Pink Brown

Honeycomb Palette 601

The first palette holds beautiful shades of pinks, browns, and pearlescent beiges. Seriously, we’re stunned at how pretty the shimmery shades look. There are gorgeous shades of muted pinks too.

HOLD LIVE #602 Honeycomb Honey Tea Milk Coffee

Honeycomb Palette 602

Of course, our favourite palette has to be the one that is named after tea and coffee. Just look at the gorgeous browns featured in this palette – it reminds us of our favourite drinks!

These flattering beiges and browns will look great on any Asian skin tone and will really bring a subtle yet natural look to your eyes.

HOLD LIVE #603 Honeycomb Honey Powder Mist Brown

Honeycomb Palette 603

If you want an eyeshadow palette that amps up the glamour, you’re going to love this Honey Powder Mist Brown one as it’s got so many different shimmery shades to work with.

There are beiges, pinks, peaches, and browns, so you can mix and match them to your heart’s content.

The HOLD LIVE Honeycomb palette retails for S$29.91 on Shopee and S$20 on Lazada.

Featured image credit: RED & Shopee MY