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So you think that hotels compromise on their toiletries? Well, think again! These 10 hotels in popular travel destinations are already household names, but their amenities still surprised us with their quality.

We’re giving you fair warning: do not be surprised if you find top-notch branded skincare items by the sink when you visit these hotels.

1. Naumi Hotel, Singapore

Amenities brand: Malin+Goetz

Naumi Hotel has certainly built a name for itself in the hearts of many Singaporeans. Besides promising a very good night’s sleep, this boutique hotel is also an award-winning small luxury hotel.

Upon entering your ensuite bathroom, you will find Malin+Goetz skincare and shower products by your bathtub.

This U.S. brand creates formulas to heal and protect the skin without the use of artificial fragrances and detergents. Individuals who suffer from inflammatory skin issues have been singing praises of its non-irritating nature.

After a day out in the hot Singapore weather, hit the showers with Malin+Goetz Peppermint Shampoo. Just a small portion will have your scalp tingling with a refreshing minty sensation.

The Malin+Goetz Rum Body Wash does not have an overwhelming scent, and you might just find yourself intoxicated with love for this product.

2. Naumi Liora, Singapore

Amenities brand: SOAK

If you are up for a mix of modern and Peranakan design elements, you will fall in love with this quaint hotel along Keong Siak Street. Naumi Liora Hotel, the sister of the Naumi Hotel mentioned above, offers a cosy hotel stay that has consistently appealed to youngsters over the years.

Many guests are delighted to find the snacks corner near the reception desk, where you can sink your teeth into old school delights such as sugar biscuit drops and potato wheels. (Psst, all these items are free-of-charge at any time of the day!)

Your skin is also in for a treat as Naumi Liora provides skincare products from SOAK Superfood (shampoo, conditioner, hand and body wash).

SOAK focuses on harnessing the power of superfoods such as purple kale, mama root, parsley stem, and carrot seed to pamper our bodies. Expect visible results as these vitamins and antioxidants deeply cleanse and nourish your skin.

The hair shine shampoo is made with purple kale, which contains one of the highest concentrations of nutrients in all superfoods! This helps to balance the scalp and protect your hair against dullness and dryness.

The shampoo is light enough for everyday use and has a refreshing scent that you would certainly fall in love with. Talk about soaking up the goodness of superfoods without hurting the wallet!

Psst, here’s a tip for hotel booking: there are apps in the market that gives you more convenience and better deals. Make use of them!

3. The Temple House, Chengdu

Amenities brand: Appelles Apothecary and Lab

At The Temple House, studio rooms are particularly spacious and relaxing.  Many guests rave about this location as you get to enjoy the stunning views of the city in your premium and modern room.

Guests will also receive an amenity kit that contains products from Appelles Apothecary and Lab.

This Australian brand believes in creating a good quality and honest skincare range, using one of the finest organic essential oils certified in Australia. You can expect nothing less than skincare goodness from this brand. Appelles products are also all paraben-free.

The Sea Buckthorn Skin Lotion in the amenity kit is a definite crowd-pleaser. It reduces and reverses visible signs of ageing by promoting collagen production.

This lightweight formula has a subtle scent of cedar wood, which has earned the stamp of satisfaction and approval from many users. After an exhausting day of walking around on your holiday, you can relax and hydrate your tired skin with this moisturiser.

4. Renaissance Hotels, worldwide

Amenities brand: Aveda

Infusing majesty and style into its interior design, Renaissance Hotels will not disappoint. This chain of five-star hotels does not scrimp on comfort and service – and this includes their amenities too!

Your skin will be thrilled to be soaking in products from Estee Lauder’s leading organic line, Aveda. What’s more, all of Marriott’s Renaissance Hotels worldwide provide these luxurious amenity kits to all their guests.

The Aveda line ensures high-quality natural products infused with a refreshing tropical scent, and their All Sensitive Moisturising Cream is a particularly favourite.

It boasts of a light and thin consistency, which does not give users a greasy feeling after application. A pea-sized portion of this is sufficient for the entire face and neck to be well-moisturised. 

If you happen to be staying in one of these hotels during winter in a foreign country, you can safely say bye bye to dry and flaky skin with this bottle of moisturiser magic.

Aveda Renaissance Hotel 1

Guests of Renaissance Hotels worldwilde will receive Aveda Rosemary Mint Shampoo and Conditioner, the Energising Body Cleanser, and All Sensitive Moisturiser as part of their in-room amenities.

5. W Hotels, worldwide

Skincare brand: Bliss

If you are thinking of throwing a summer party, W Hotel is bound to pop up as one of the ideal venue options. With its massive swimming pools and poolside bars, there is no place like W Hotels to give you laid-back pool party vibes.

They haven’t forgotten about your in-room comfort as well. W Hotels worldwide have partnered with Bliss to deliver a spa-like experience in the comfort of your hotel room.

Have a soaking good time with Soapy Suds as you pamper yourself with a citrus-scented lather. This moisturising formula will leave your skin feeling soft and supple, and perk you up from any post-party sluggishness too!

The sink side amenities include highly sought-after products such as Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash, Soapy Suds, Body Butter, Supershine Shampoo and Conditioning Rinse.

6. Fairmont Hotels, worldwide

Amenities brand: Le Labo

This five-star luxury hotel is certainly one of the top favourite hotel destinations amongst working adults seeking class and comfort during their vacation.

Upon entering the bathroom, you will be greeted by the light rose scent of the Le Labo Rose 31 collection. Le Labo has gained a lot of fans for its customised concoctions and the Rose 31 collection is, in particular, a hot favourite among their customers.

Your shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body lotion and soaps will be infused with the vibrant and sophisticated scent of Rose 31. These amenities can be found in nearly all of Fairmont Hotels across the world.

7. Grand Hyatt Hotels, worldwide

Amenities brand: June Jacobs

The feeling of grandeur is palpable the very moment you step into the lobby of Grand Hyatt. The love story does not just end there. You can find the June Jacobs Spa Collection in all Grand Hyatt Hotels worldwide.

June Jacobs partnered with Grand Hyatt to come up with a custom-designed line, inspired by their bestselling Green Tea and Cucumber collection. Guests will find a set of clarifying shampoo and conditioner, shower gel, facial bar, body bar and body balm in their ensuite bathroom.

With the use of botanical ingredients from around the globe, your skin can soak in the goodness of antioxidants, tea extracts, goji berry and grape seed extracts. The purifying shower gel will also help to clear surface impurities and help your skin to maintain its natural moisture.

8. Burj al Arab, Dubai

Amenities brand: Hermès

Dubai has become one of the go-to destinations for a holiday nowadays and if cost is not an issue for you, a stay in the iconic Burj al Arab hotel must be something you put on your bucket list.

Apart from offering stunning views and an ultra-luxurious stay, this hotel provides full-sized Hermès toiletries. This includes the perfume from the Kelly Caleche collection. Don’t be shy to take it home, ladies!

9. Sofitel, worldwide

Amenities brand: Lanvin

Sofitel is upping the toiletries game by providing luxury French brand Les Notes de Lanvin amenities in their guest rooms all over the world. If you’re going to be staying in class and comfort in the first place, you might as well go all the way, right?

You don’t need to visit their resident spa to get a head-to-toe pampering especially after a long day of holidaying. The Les Notes de Lanvin White Vetyver Shampoo is described by a reviewer as being “sublime”.

10. Four Seasons Hotel, USA

Amenities brand: L’Occitane

This hotel is well-received due to its classy furnishing and cosy vibes. Regardless of the size of the room, we are sure that you will be happy to see L’Occitane toiletries waiting by the sink.

Many people might get turned off upon seeing a bar of body soap being offered, but do not be fooled by its ordinary appearance. The L’Occitane body soap will leave a refreshingly tingly sensation on your skin as you apply the citrus-scented formula.

The luxury bar soap will leaveing you feeling both clean and refreshed as you sink into your sheets for a good night’s rest.