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You probably have already been using a sunscreen that protects you against UVA and UVB (these are UV light emitted primarily by the sun, and are responsible for ageing and sun burns respectively). And that’s fantastic. But did you know that UV light isn’t the only one in the electromagnetic spectrum that can harm your skin?

What do they do to your skin?

Sunlight is responsible for 80% of the appearance of visible signs of ageing, but traditional sunscreens can only protect against UV rays, which represents just 7% of sun-spectrum rays. Beyond UVA and UVB are rays on the light spectrum that are responsible for 50% of free radicals that are linked to sunlight. Some of these rays include infrared and visible light, which you may remember from Physics classes.

Infrared, which is typically associated with heat exposure, can disrupt the structural proteins within your skin, inflame cells, and as a result, cause premature skin ageing.

Visible light, on the other hand, has been found to cause indirect DNA damage, free radical production, and in turn cause problems like pigmentation.

Unfortunately, the skincare products you’re using now are probably unable to protect you from these two skin aggressors.

Why can’t my regular skincare products protect me from them?

You might be wondering: If the other rays in the spectrum are so harmful, wouldn’t there already been products formulated to protect our skin from them – just like how the protection against UVA and UVB is in every sunscreen?

Well, the study of sunlight’s effect on skin is dated back to 1617, in researches by Isaac Newton, which primarily focuses on UV radiation. The damaging effects of infrared and visible light on skin, however, has only been highlighted more recently, and this is why most beauty products haven’t caught up with this new discovery to offer viable skincare solutions to protect skin against these two types of radiation…

… until now

Thankfully, the wait is over. At least one brand has released a range of skincare solutions to guard skin against infrared and visible light.

We are talking about the new ultimate miracle worker range by philosophy. This is an anti-ageing skincare range that targets at resolving damage not just from UVA, UVB, infrared and visible light, to help skin look firmer, denser, and more radiant. Using patented technologies that, for the first time, is able to rejuvenate your skin from the damage of the full spectrum of light, this collection of products will take your skincare routine to the next level.

1. ultimate miracle worker day cream (60ml, SGD100)

philsophy umw

This day cream comes with the usual SPF function, as well as the ability to rebuild your skin’s natural collagen, rejuvenate skin layer by layer.

What’s most unique about the product is that it promises to protect skin so completely that it is able to rejuvenate itself better than before, thanks to the powerful formula that consists of iris flower extract and philosophy’s patented high performance bi-retinoid+. The result? Firmer, smoother skin that looks radiant, and less visible wrinkles and pores.

2. ultimate miracle worker day emulsion (45ml, SGD100)


If you prefer a lightweight moisturiser, go for the day emulsion. It delivers the same goodness that the day cream is able to offer, but with a lightweight texture that those with oily skin will appreciate better.

3. ultimate miracle worker day eye (15ml, SGD90)


Don’t forget your eye area – the area that is most vulnerable to signs of ageing. This eye cream’s formula includes caffeine and vitamin C – both known for de-puffing and brightening the eye area. Like the other products in the range, it protects your eye area from UVA, UVB, infrared, and visible light, so you’ll be primed for more youthful-looking peepers that are firm-looking, and free from dark circles and puffiness.

4. ultimate miracle worker night (60ml, SGD120)


Our day and night regimes should complement each other to synergistically offer an all-rounded solution for our skin. The first true global anti-ageing nighttime moisturiser by philosophy that addresses all signs of ageing, this night cream combines the concentrated power of a serum, as well as the nourishing benefits of a cream to revive your skin while you sleep.  It is also formulated with a patented pearl system and patented multi-rejuvenating complex.

What’s more, this comes as a fresh-pour system, where you have to mix in the active ingredients yourself right before usage, to ensure that the product is only activated when you want to use it. This guarantees its freshness and efficacy.

Want to find out more? Visit philosophy pop-up store at ION Orchard, Level 1 Atrium, between 1 May to 25 May.

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