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It is tempting to go for crash diets or slimming pills in a bid to achieve a more svelte-looking silhouette. But we know that while these may give you fast results, they may not be sustainable and may even have negative effects on your body. On top of this, extreme diets and slimming pills are also unable to offer slimming on targeted areas – you can’t determine if your diet is going to help slim down your arms, which you are more concerned about, instead of slimming down your cheeks, which you prefer not happen.

fat reduction on targeted areas

Fortunately, there are technologies in the market that can help with targeted slimming. If you’re looking for a safe and effective solution for overall slimming, as well as fat reduction around targeted areas, consider the new POWERSLIM™ Treatment by London Weight Management, a pioneer in weight management programmes, and has been established since 2000.

What is the POWERSLIM™ Treatment and how does it help with slimming down targeted areas?

London Weight Management

Formulated with lavender and a special blend of botanical ingredients, this body contouring solution eliminates stubborn fat cells on problem areas by breaking down fat deposits in specific areas on the body. The innovation allows you to achieve not just overall weight loss, in terms of weighing less on the scale, but is also effective in helping you look more svelte, which means you may be able to drop dress sizes after the treatment.

The treatment begins with a consultation and analysis, to determine a customised programme for you. This is because the thickness of the fat layer varies from person to person, and requires a more personalised solution. The treatment is then administered to help break down localised fat and cellulite on targeted body areas. The result? More sculpted and well-contoured figure with a visible improvement on areas of concern.

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