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With so many scams and counterfeit products running rampant, it’s important to keep a lookout for products that are unsafe, and learn how to identify them!

After receiving reports from three individuals, two of whom have faced negative side effects, Singapore’s Health Sciences Authority (HSA) has released an advisory against certain dangerous health products.

HSA is investigating these cases and warning against purchasing three health products, due to their harmful ingredients.

Read on for all the details about these banned products, along with how to identify whether a health product is trustworthy, in order to keep yourself safe!

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La Mu Cao Capsules

Credits: HSA

After observing its benefits in relieving his wife’s leg pain, a man in his 70s consumed La Mu Cao Capsules, and subsequently developed discomfort in his eyes.

A leaflet that came with the product claimed that it contained herbal ingredients, such as moringa seeds, cordyceps and panax ginseng.

However, HSA found that they actually contained significant amounts of chemicals and medicinal ingredients, including steroids, antibiotics, and painkillers.

HSA has stated that the consequences of ingesting these ingredients can be much more severe than the eye discomfort experienced by the man.

In fact, these ingredients could lead to damage and bleeding in the stomach, as well as build resistance against beneficial antibiotics and even cause heart attacks!

Chun Tian Ran Cao Yao Natural Herbs

Credits: HSA

A woman in her 50s developed Cushing’s Syndrome after purchasing this medicine from a relative and consuming it to improve her general well-being.

It had been labelled as being able to treat conditions like knee pain and itchy skin, as well as aid in stroke recovery.

Cushing’s Syndrome is a medical condition that develops when your body overproduces the hormone cortisol and can be caused by long-term use of steroids.

Characterised by a rounded and bloated face, it can lead to serious issues like high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.

The pills were initially labelled as being SGS-approved, which certifies that the product has met national, regional and international safety requirements. It also claimed to have no steroids or mercury added.

However, HSA’s tests detected dexamethasone, a potent steroid, in the product.

Special Skin Treatment

Credits: HSA

Having originally purchased the Special Skin Treatment cream as a solution for eczema, a woman contacted HSA after noticing a significant improvement in her children’s eczema within just five days of usage.

The cream had been sold on touchskin.com.sg, a site which is now inactive. The product claimed that it doesn’t contain steroids, and that it used natural ingredients that are safe for babies, pregnant women, and anyone with sensitive skin.

However, tests by HSA found that the cream contains clobetasol propionate, a potent steroid.

HSA has advised that products containing strong steroids, such as those found in the Special Skin Treatment and the Chun Tian Ran Cao Yao Natural Herbs, should only be prescribed by doctors.

After all, the long-term use of steroids without proper medical supervision can lead to increased blood sugar levels, which could cause diabetes.

If usage of the cream is discontinued without medical advice, it could create serious issues like topical steroid withdrawal syndrome, which leads to red and itchy skin, as well as a burning sensation.

Another possible side effect is adrenal insufficiency, a condition that results in serious symptoms like muscle and joint pain, low blood pressure, and overall fatigue.

HSA’s Advisory

Credits: TODAY Online

In order to avoid these dangerous products, HSA encourages exercising caution when it comes to products that promise miraculous benefits, or unrealistically rapid recovery from medical conditions.

Plus, stay away from products that claim to have no side effects, and avoid purchasing products from unfamiliar sources, even if they are your friends or family!

Instead, make sure to only purchase health products from reputable pharmacies or official retailers to prevent yourself from accidentally consuming harmful products.

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Featured image credits: HSA.