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As we slump over our desks during work, it’s unsurprising that many of us have started developing back problems. We stay in the same position for hours on end, leaning forward to stare at our screens, which doesn’t bode well for our posture.

Thankfully, Daily Vanity has stumbled upon a set of stretching exercises that can help us correct and improve our posture. RED (a.k.a. China’s Instagram) user, @cantoometoo, teaches us how to correct a hunched back with an easy five-step routine.

Step 1: Hold the back of your head using your palms

Begin the exercise by bringing your arms up and placing your palms on the lower half of your head, fingers interlaced. Then, open and close your arms back and forth, and you’ll feel the stretch running through your neck and shoulders. Do groups of 15 at a time every day.

This simple step can help open up your shoulders and also help to relieve neck and shoulder soreness too.

Step 2: Extend your arms forming parallel lines

Extend your arms straight out on both sides and do a thumbs up with each hand. Then, rotate your wrists, switching from a thumbs up to a thumbs down position. You should do three sets a day, each set to be maintained for 30 seconds.

This exercise trains the rotation of your shoulder and arm muscles. It also helps support your shoulder and neck while toning flabby arms.

Step 3: Butterfly formation

Begin by extending your arms out parallel to your shoulders. Next, bend your forearms until you form a 90-degree angle, and press your forearms together. Then, open them back out again. You should be able to feel a stretch along your shoulders and upper back!

The purpose of this step is to open up your shoulders and train your back muscles. Plus, it keeps your posture upright. Do this step for 30 seconds, three sets a day.

Step 4: Interlock your fingers & stretch from behind

Clasp both hands together behind your back. You should immediately be able to feel a stretch in your shoulders. Swing your interlocked hands up and down at a constant speed and try to raise them as high as possible until your shoulders, neck, and back feel stretched.

You should do three sets a day, 30 seconds each. This exercise not only helps to correct hunched posture, but also helps tone your chest and triceps.

Step 5: Stretch your back & shoulder muscles

This is the final step in the routine! First, stretch your neck to the left with your left arm while pressing down on your right shoulder with the right arm. Do this on each side for 30 seconds, three sets a day.

When you’re done, cross your forearms behind your head, slowly pressing down with your palms until you can touch the other side of your shoulder. You should press as far back as possible until your shoulders and neck feel slightly tight. Once you feel the stretch, relax your body. Do this set for 30 seconds, three sets a day.

If you have a sore neck and shoulders, this exercise should relieve some tension.

All images from RED.