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If you ask Gen-Zers to name one person they trust to dish the best skincare advice, that individual would be none other than Hyram Yarbro.

More widely known by his YouTube username, Skincare By Hyram, the 25-year-old Honolulu-based skincare specialist has gained notoriety for his transparent and simplified beauty advice, amassing over 4.5 million subscribers on YouTube and 7 million on TikTok.

His influence has unequivocally changed the Internet’s whole perspective on skincare. Once he puts his stamp of approval on a product, that #hyramapproved item would be swept off the shelves for months on end – let’s not forget how he singlehandedly caused CeraVe products to sell out time and time again.

But guess what? Hyram has officially announced that he is launching his very own skincare brand — Selfless By Hyram!

Developed in partnership with The INKEY List (another Hyram-approved skincare brand), the upcoming brand aims to echo similar philosophies of transparency and sell skincare that sparks social change through four major areas: environment, health, education, and empowerment.

As detailed in his video on how he built the brand, Hyram promises to cater to his transparent-loving community by creating products with accessible formulas, sustainable packaging, and are mindfully and sustainability-sourced.

This includes accommodating budget, quality, and even ‘people with the most sensitive and compromised skin’.

His social impact does not stop there as Selfless By Hyram has also teamed up with two incredible organisations — Rainforest Trust and Thirst Project — to integrate United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals into his business as they receive a portion of proceeds from its sales. Funds will go towards providing access to clean water in over 60 communities in Eswatini, Africa, and conserving tropical rainforests.

While not much is known about his products yet, we do know that Selfless By Hyram will launch with five items that he will reveal in the coming weeks on his YouTube channel.

A sneak peek of the upcoming products

You can look forward to his products being 100% recyclable as its packaging is made from sugarcane bioplastic and harvested with the most earth-friendly approach possible. More details can be found here!

Selfless By Hyram will be launching exclusively at Sephora Singapore on 25 June 2021, with items priced at no more than US$30!