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The “cold girl” makeup trend has been dominating TikTok and we’re still obsessed with all the glitters and gloss required for the look.

To help you nail the trend effortlessly, we found the perfect lippie.

Photo source: @yeeeseol/Instagram

With its cool-toned base and shimmering glitters, it’s no surprise that this balm has been dubbed the “ice glacier” lip balm.

Photo source: @heydohee/TikTok

Every swipe leaves a sheer glittery finish that makes your lips look like they’ve been kissed by winter’s frost.

The lippie in question is the Unleashia Glacier Vegan Lip Balm. It’s from a famous K-beauty brand that’s known for its glitter-packed makeup products.

It comes in two versions: N˚1 Snow Frost and N˚2 Blue Lagoon.

Photo source: @yeeeseol/Instagram

N˚1 Snow Frost is transparent, although its golden pearl shimmers impart a stunning shine.

Photo source: @yeeeseol/Instagram

iF you’re looking for something with an added touch of colour, however, pick up the N˚2 Blue Lagoon.

Don’t be fooled by its light blue exterior. It’s actually a colour-changing formula that turns from blue into a cool-toned light pink after application. It also has white-silver pearl shimmers that complement its hue.

Aside from its gorgeous shade, the vegan, cruelty-free formula is another reason to cop this balm.

Photo source: @unleashiauae/XiaoHongShu

With its blend of vitamin complex and shea butter, the lip balm deeply nourishes and hydrates chapped lips throughout the day.

Plus, the sorbet-like pearls will melt into your lips like butter.

Unleashia Glacier Vegan Lip Balm retails for S$13.35, available at Yesstyle.

Featured image credit: @heydohee/TikTok and @yeeeseol/Instagram