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Dear avid supporters of masks or Ice’s Secret, your day has come!

This award-winning local skincare brand has launched an all-new mask to elevate your skincare game and routine.

Think clear, radiant skin likened to glass, less acne and inflammation, and increased confidence to go along with that!

ice's secret oil-free refreshing mask

Read to the end to find out how you can get a 1-for-1 deal on this new, groundbreaking mask.

Unveiling Radiance With Ice’s Secret: The New Oil-free Refreshing Mask

ice's secret oil-free refreshing mask

Award-winning and leading skin care solution brand, Ice’s Secret, introduces the Oil-Free Refreshing Mask, a transformative journey inspired by the profound connection between water and life.

This groundbreaking mask, rooted in the fundamental elements of hydration, sebum regulation, and pH balance, emerges as a solution to recalibrate and balance the skin.

Designed for tangible results, this new product addresses common skin concerns, reflecting Ice’s Secret commitment to meeting real-life skincare needs in a fuss-free and effective manner!

Better and Transformed Skin Texture in Just Seven Days!

ice's secret oil-free refreshing mask

Ice’s Secret Co-founder Quinn Chen at the launch of the Oil-free Refreshing Mask. Credit: Daily Vanity

“Humidity frequently serves as the underlying factor for skin issues such as acne and the overproduction of sebum, resulting in enlarged pores and dullness by day’s end,” highlights Ice’s Secret Co-founder Quinn Chen.

Well, the brand has come up with a brilliant, all-in-one solution for you and your complexion, encased in sleek test tubes!

ice's secret oil-free refreshing mask

Credit: Daily Vanity

Celebrated for its renowned seven-day results pledge, the Oil-Free Refreshing Mask commands the spotlight, assuring a refined texture within just 20 minutes (each masking session) and revealing the canvas of radiant skin in a mere week.

The culmination of enhanced skin clarity unfolds gracefully after a dedicated 28-day regimen (aligning with the skin’s 28-day renewal cycle).

Perfect for Combatting Singapore’s Hot and Humid Weather

ice's secret oil-free refreshing mask

Tailored for various climates, this mask offers a climate-adaptive solution for enhanced skin clarity and radiance while providing targeted hydration and nourishment to address said common skin woes.

Crafted with a meticulous blend of hyaluronic acid, plant extracts, and peptides, this innovative mask focuses on maintaining the delicate balance of the skin.

Its lightweight composition, suitable for daily use, ensures a refreshing experience without being overly rich.

Additionally, ceramides are incorporated into the formulation to address dry and sensitive skin in humid climates. This advanced approach caters to diverse skin types, preventing excessive dryness without causing breakouts.

ice's secret oil-free refreshing mask

The Ice’s Secret Oil-Free Refreshing Mask also features the Oligopeptide Complex Serums, recognising the integral role of hydration and a robust skin barrier system for firm, elastic skin.

With each use, you can expect boosted moisture levels, fortified skin barrier, more radiance than before, and supple skin with increased elasticity!

Exclusive Launch Promotion

ice's secret oil-free refreshing mask

Itching to try it out for yourselves? From 25 January to 1 February 2024, enjoy a special 1-for-1 offer on the Ice’s Secret Oil-Free Refreshing Mask*.

Plus, get an exclusive 30% off on selected Signature Oligopeptide Complex Serums too (where you can grab the perfect accompaniments to this new mask and your skincare regimen)!

Ice’s Secret Oil-free Refreshing Mask retails for S$198 (one box of seven facial mask sheets) at icesecret.co.

*Terms and conditions apply.

About Ice’s Secret

Ice’s Secret, a leading homegrown skincare brand, is on a mission to deliver safe and effective solutions while empowering individuals to take control of their skin’s health.

With over 20 years of experience, their dedicated team has served over a million individuals in Singapore, delivering visible results in just seven days. As a multiple-categories winner, Ice’s Secret continues to transform the beauty industry — one radiant face at a time, where precision meets passion.

Featured image credit: Ice’s Secret