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Are your eyes feeling dry and tired from prolonged screen time or extended contact lens use?

Despite knowing how important it is to care for our eyes, it’s easy to neglect them in our busy lives.

To help you care for your eyes effortlessly, Ice’s Secret has introduced the Miracle Secret Eye Mask – your go-to solution for instant relief from common eye discomforts.

@dailyvanity We get it—life gets busy, and eye care can slip through the cracks. 😮‍💨 But don’t worry, Ice’s Secret has your back with the new Miracle Secret Eye Mask! 🌟👁️ Want to learn more about this game-changer and how you can get a free sample? Click the link below to read the full article! 📲✨💕 #beauty #icessecret #eyecare #eyemask ♬ Fromis9 Love Me Back – 🎧 K-POP SPEED SONG

About Ice’s Secret Miracle Secret Eye Mask

Ice's secret miracle secret eye mask

Tired eyes got you down? This eye mask is packed with natural ingredients to help! Gotu kola soothes and reduces strain, while cassia seed and amur cork tree bark team up to ease puffiness and keep circulation going.

Want to ditch the dark circles? Angelica root, pearl powder, and borneol work together to brighten and firm the delicate skin around your eyes. Plus, wild chrysanthemum keeps dryness at bay with deep hydration.

Feeling a bit heavy-eyed? Peppermint oil adds a refreshing touch that wakes up your eyes and leaves them feeling lighter.

Ice's secret miracle secret eye mask

It’s like giving your eyes a little recharge after a long day on screens, a restless night’s sleep, or even after getting lash extensions for a soothing treat.

Best of all, this eye mask is gentle enough for the whole family – even kids can use it with adult supervision for those under 13.

Ice’s Secret Miracle Secret Eye Mask will be available starting 16 May at 10pm. For more information, join Ice’s Secret special livestream on 16 May at 9.30pm!

How to Redeem Your Free Eye Mask

Tempted to try this innovative, Batman-shaped eye mask? Here’s your chance to try it for free before you buy.

Ready to redeem?

  1. Simply screenshot your screen time
  2. Tag @icesecret.co on Instagram
  3. Head over to the pop-up venue at House of IQ, 7 Grange Road, to claim your free Ice’s Secret Miracle Secret Eye Mask

For all the details about this special event, follow Ice’s Secret on Instagram (@icesecret.co)!