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We first spotted the innisfree 2021 Jeju Color Picker – Camellia Edition when it launched in Taiwan and were excited to find out if it will be available here. Thankfully, our local sources have finally released information about the 2021 Jeju Color Picker – Camellia Edition in Singapore, and shared that it is set to launch on 1 March.

Innisfree Jeju Color Picker Camellia Look

Makeup look created using the 2021 Jeju Color Picker collection – Camellia Edition

This is the seventh year the K-beauty brand has launched its Jeju Color Picker collection – their makeup collection inspired by flowers in Jeju Island. This year, the spotlight is on red camellias, which are known as the “Queen of Winter Flowers” because their sighting typically marks the beginning of the cold and harsh winter season and these flowers stay in peak bloom throughout the period.

Innisfree Jeju Color Picker Camellia Full Collection

The limited-edition innisfree 2021 Jeju Color Picker – Camellia Edition collection includes the Camellia Eye Palette, Camellia Blooming Blusher, Camellia Petal Tint, and Camellia Relief Lip Oil.

And among these, we predict that the blusher would be that one item that will fly off the shelves quickly, so make sure to snag them before they’re gone!

innisfree 2021 Jeju Color Picker – Camellia Edition: Products available in Singapore

Camellia Eye Palette

Innisfree Jeju Color Picker Camellia Eyeshadow Palette

A palette featuring nine warm shades, including a good mix of matte, shimmer, and glitter finishes, this is inspired by all things camellia, such as its petals, buds, branches, and even the glistening dew drops that you’ll see coating the petals of the beautiful flower.

This is great for a variety of looks, thanks to its wearable shades, which are subtle yet pigmented, and buildable for a smooth and fuss-free application.

This retails for S$37.

Camellia Blooming Blusher

Innisfree Jeju Color Picker Camellia BlushLeft: Red Camellia | Right: Pink Camellia

Available in two shades: pink and red, this lightweight jelly-textured blusher gives you a sheer, watercolour-like glow. Formulated with silicone elastomer gel and sphere powder, it has a unique texture that offers a moist-looking yet natural matte finish.

It has fine powder pigments, so you can be sure to avoid fallouts and enjoy a flawless application.

This retails for S$24 each. 

Camellia Petal Tint

Innisfree Jeju Color Picker Camellia Lip TintLeft to right: Camellia Red, Camellia Brick and Camellia Beige 

If you’re looking for a lip tint that gives you a dewy matte pout (matte on the outside, dewy on the inside), then consider the Camellia Petal Tint.

It has a soft fluffy texture that fills the fine lines on your lips so you can create the illusion of full, soft petal-like lips.

The Camellia Petal Tint is available in three shades – Camellia Red, Camellia Brick and Camellia Beige – that resemble the different colours of the camellia.

This retails for S$17 each.

Camellia Relief Lip Oil

Innisfree Jeju Color Picker Camellia Lip Oil

Finally, check out this lip treatment that offers some moisture relief and a pop of colour to your lips.

The translucent lip oil is infused with more than 10% camellia oil to deeply hydrate and it delivers a refreshing jelly-to-oil finish that feels lightweight on your lips.

We love how the vivid red tint reminds us of a blooming red camellia and it definitely adds radiance to your complexion even on days when you decide to go makeup-free.

This retails for S$17.

How about the camellia cheek brush?

Innisfree Camellia Cheek Brush

Those in the know may have seen images of the beautiful camellia cheek brush that is sold in other markets. Unfortunately, this is not going to be available in Singapore and you’ll have to seek alternative sources if you want to get your hands on it.

The innisfree 2021 Jeju Color Picker – Camellia Edition will launch on 1 March at all innisfree Singapore stores. It will also be available on Shopee from 5 March.