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For decades, Japan has been a leader in innovative haircare. From luxurious treatments to cutting-edge styling products, their dedication to healthy, luscious locks remains unmatched.

Just a scroll through your TikTok FYP, and you’ll find several Japanese brands going viral for their haircare products, with Fino’s Premium Touch Hair Mask paving the way for this growing phenomenon.


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While we embrace the hype and lather creamy hair masks on our hair, let us not forget the importance of hair oils in our haircare routines!

Hair oils add shine, smooth out tangles, and fortify strands to prevent breakage and split ends—a necessity if you frequently style your hair! With countless hair oils in the market, how do we decide which reigns supreme?

The answer might lie within Japan’s number one hair oil* — Fino Premium Touch Hair Oil!

The #1 Hair Oil in Japan for 3 Years – Powered by Beauty Serum Ingredients

Fino Premium Touch Hair Oil

Fino’s Premium Touch Hair Oil is a nourishing leave-in hair oil that repairs and tames dry, damaged, and frizzy hair, a fuss-free product you can use daily.

Care for Your Hair Like Your Skin

Enriched with beauty serum ingredients typically found skincare in like squalane and pearl peptide, you can count on it to soften your hair and restore its natural shine.

Squalane is a saturated oil known for its hydrating properties, often used in skincare products like moisturisers. The low-molecular softening ingredient helps make hair more supple from within.

Like your anti-ageing skincare, this hair oil is also infused with pearl peptide, an ingredient that promotes cell growth as well as repairs and smoothens the skin.

Just like how pearl peptide makes your skin glow, when used on your hair, it brings out a healthy, natural shine that emanates from deep within each strand.

You’ve seen the effects these ingredients have on our skin, what more our hair that we frequently style and colour?

Smoothen and Repair Your Hair Without Greasiness

FINO Comparison

Credits: @vickylhqx/TikTok, @mississippppppp/TikTok

Aside from its nourishing properties, Fino’s hair oil also aims to repair both the internal and external state of your hair.

Dimethicone promotes external repair, while phystosteryl derivative works its magic internally, closing the gaps of your hair cuticle for better nutrient retention.

It features a Smoothening Function and Double Dense Oil that coats the external layer of your hair, which aids in untangling, reducing frizz, and smoothing out your hair without feeling heavy.

With Fino’s hair oil, you can go from frizzy, unkempt hair weighed down by Singapore’s humid weather to silky smooth hair you can’t stop touching!

Lightweight Texture for Hot and Humid Weather

Fino’s Premium Touch Hair Oil delivers deep nourishment without weighing your hair down. Its lightweight, non-sticky, and non-greasy formula absorbs quickly, leaving your hair smooth and frizz-free — perfect for Singapore’s humid climate!

Style Your Hair Without Damaging It

If you enjoy styling your hair with heat, you’ll need Fino’s Premium Touch Hair Oil to protect and nourish your hair.

Its intelligent formula boasts heat-protecting technology, shielding your hair from the heat of hairdryers and styling irons, up to 230 degrees Celsius. Just apply it onto your hair before using these heat-styling tools!

An added bonus would be its sweet, powdery fragrance, a harmonious blend of fruity-floral and musky accords.

Meet Fino’s Premium Touch Hair Oil Serum Airy Smooth

FINO Watery Texture

Credits: @shamineesim/TikTok

Do you have thin, flat hair? Try the new variant – Fino’s Premium Touch Hair Oil Serum Airy Smooth!

Like its original counterpart, the Hair Oil Serum Airy Smooth is a non-greasy hair oil that untangles your hair and reduces frizz without weighing your hair down. Both variations offer the same benefits, with its main difference lying in its texture.

This variant has a lighter, more watery texture, while the Premium Touch Hair oil’s thicker consistency is better suited for thick, dry, and frizzy hair.

Still unsure which variant is better suited for you? Check out the table below:

FINO Hair Oil Comparison

While both products cater to different hair types and concerns, they function similarly, offering effective haircare and maintenance for those who frequently colour, perm, or style your hair.

Fino Premium Touch Hair Oil and Fino Premium Touch Hair Oil Serum Airy Smooth retails for S$19.90 at Watsons, Welcia, Shopee, and Lazada.

*According to Intage SRI+ Out Bath Hair Oil Market Share in Value, SKU rankings from Feb 2021 to Jan 2024.

Featured image credits: @vickylhqx/TikTok

This article is brought to you by Fino.