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Due to the current pandemic, wearing a face mask will be a part of our new norm for a while. If you’ve been wearing one regularly for an extended period of time, you may have experienced some pain on the back of your ears. No matter how much you tug at the elastic cords, the mask doesn’t seem to feel more comfortable.

Japanese Hair Ribbon Clip For Masks

Well, Mayla Classic, a Japanese online store, has launched a hair ribbon clip to take away the pain. It’ll give you plenty of room to create chic hairstyles with it too.

How the Japanese hair ribbon clip works

Japanese Hair Ribbon Clip Front Back

To extend your mask’s wear time, this pretty hair ribbon clip comes with two small hooks attached to the sides of it. That will be used to attach the bow to the elastic cords of your mask. Simply bind the mask straps to the hair clip to take the pressure off your ears. It’ll help your mask fit better to prevent germs from entering too.

Japanese Hair Ribbon Clip Seven Colours

You can choose from seven different colours: light blue, navy, red, green, yellow, pink, and purple. Each ribbon is made of a satin material, which kicks up the luxe factor.

There are plenty of ways to style your hair with it. You can gather your hair into a bun or a ponytail and place the clip above it for a neat, polished appearance. If you prefer letting your hair down, you can also pin it to the top half of your hair. You only have to make sure that the hair clip sits around your ear level for easy fastening.

Where to purchase the hair ribbon accessory

The hair ribbon clips are priced at ¥3,740 (S$49.70) each, and you can find them at Mayla Classic’s online store.

If you have family or friends who work in the medical field, you may want to send them a clip or two. These will help relieve the soreness behind their ears and prevent the elastic straps from leaving any nasty prints.

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