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We might not be children anymore but each time we walk into a candy store, we still gaze bright-eyed at the assortment of gummy bears, jelly beans, chocolates, and hard candies on display.

Well, we’ve spotted these rainbow-sprinkled nails on social media and it’s got us feeling, once again, like kids in a candy store. The manicures’ translucent tinge, juicy texture, and (best of all) delightful blend of colours make them look like jelly beans.

Since you can customise these rainbow nail designs to a combination of colours you love best, it’s comparable to grabbing an assorted jelly bean pack off the shelf or scooping our favourite candy flavours into our own bags.

It’s why we’re calling them “jelly bean” nails; they’re truly a candy class of their own!

Classic candy

jelly bean rainbow nails

Photo source: PanPan Nail/Xiao Hong Shu (XHS)

The rainbow splash of colours, balanced with a sheer finish and creamy tinge, are what make this set of “jelly bean” nails look so much like candy.

There’s no need to fret about whether the plethora of colours is too bright on your fingertips. A beige polish mutes the bright shades and makes the manicure look creamier, milkier, and more elegant than ever.

Peach jellies

jelly bean rainbow nails (1)

Photo source: PanPan Nail/XHS

Prone to rooting through a packet of candy – M&M’s, gummy bears, and jelly beans – to get that one flavour you like? These “jelly bean” nails will speak to your single-flavour cravings.

Rather than wear a rainbow of shades on your talons, choose the one colour you love (in this case, it’s peach) and roll with it.

Fruit roll-ups

jelly bean rainbow nails (2)

Photo source: 粥粥和福崽/XHS

Short nail manicures might be the go-to for simple summer days, but if you’re ready to flaunt an ultra-elegant style, choose this coffin-shaped “jelly bean” set.

The larger nail surface also means that you get to wear more colours at once, so go wild with bubble gum pink, lemon yellows, and berry blues!

Summer citrus

jelly bean rainbow nails (3)

Photo source: MuseNail南京缪斯美甲/XHS

Oh, we’re absolutely in love with this summer “jelly bean” manicure that’s splashed with lively shades of tangerine, poppy pink, and grass green, to name a few.

This sets switches things up with its electric scatter of colours, ultra-juicy finish, and cute patterns too!

Fruit bowl

jelly bean rainbow nails (4)

Photo source: 萨茉莉儿/XHS

If you’re in the mood for musing – not celebrating, this fruit bowl “jelly bean” nail set will get you there with its mellow mix of deeper prune purples, kiwi greens, and rustic orange.

Colour doesn’t always give cheerful vibes; that’s until you say so.

Mix and match

jelly bean rainbow nails (6)

Photo source: 日暮里 studio(南京)/XHS

Choose two must-chomp “jelly bean” flavours to show off on your fingertips with this mix-and-match manicure style.

The set features single-shade blue, single-shade orange, and a “jelly” blend of orange and blue – and we’re transported to scooping our favourite flavours into clear bags at the candy store.

Milk mania

jelly bean rainbow nails (7)

Photo source: 爱打瞌睡的小王/XHS

This manicure’s creamy hues recall a vanilla-mix bag of jelly beans or melt-in-your-mouth milk ice cream.

It’s another elegant nail set, ideal for introducing a soft accent of colour to your otherwise neutral palette and basic outfit.

Gummy grins

jelly bean rainbow nails (8)

Photo source: 是玛卡ba/XHS

Even though the assortment of “jelly bean” colours has all the attention, the smiley-faced artwork brings new cheer to this manicure set.

Swap the smiles for any other art that’s in sync with summer – lollipops, ice cream, butterflies, or hearts – and your mood will be lifted every time you take a peek at your manicure during the day.

Surprise bean

jelly bean rainbow nails (9)

Photo source: Photoby.ev/XHS

Just one wash of deep purple, amidst a gentle blend of pastel blue, green, and orange, is enough to bring this “jelly bean” manicure into a class of its own.

The shade is surprising and refreshing; it’s like finding a curly fry amongst your regular french fries or stumbling upon a new flavour in your assorted “jelly bean” packet.


jelly bean rainbow nails (10)

Photo source: NAILdeZUC -/XHS

The vibrant splashes of colour, specks, and lines against a vanilla-nude base in this manicure design remind us of Tutti-Fruitti jelly beans.

The swirl patterns also give happy, ethereal galaxy vibes – something we’d wear on a trip to the museum.

Sprinkle supreme

jelly bean rainbow nails (11)

Photo source: Neso./XHS

Rainbow sprinkles, sweet frosting, and jelly bean toppings – this manicure set takes all of our favourite toppings and rolls it into one sweet, sugary design. It’s a sprinkle supreme, no doubt about it..

Cart out the best nail polishes to do a “jelly bean” manicure at home, here.

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