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Jill Stuart Beauty has long been one of those brands where you absolutely need to stockpile on whenever you head to Japan for a business trip or a holiday. Imagine how happy we were to find out that they’re launching in Singapore!

Jill Stuart Beauty Singapore 18

They boast some high-quality pigment (c’mon, they’re all made in Japan), they blend flawlessly, and, of course, they have some mad pretty packaging!

Bring that “innocent sexy” vibe

Jill Stuart Beauty Singapore 2

Jill Stuart Beauty Lip Blossom

The brand’s tagline is “innocent sexy“, calling out to the duality of women which allows us to be sometimes pure and sweet, but sometimes feminine and sexy.

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Jill Stuart Beauty Manager, Ms. Yuki Wakuda

Although the brand targets consumers in their 20s, but Jill Stuart Beauty Manager, Ms. Yuki Wakuda, also said that women in their 30s and 40s are still attracted to Jill Stuart products because of the insane quality it offers.

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Jill Stuart herself was primarily inspired by Japanese girls who dare to be different and who don’t follow beauty rules.

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The brand also uses top quality ingredients in their products, such as Rosemary Extracts for its hydrating and antioxidant properties, Lavender Oil as an anti-inflammatory, Rosehip Oil for anti-ageing, and Wild Rose Extract to soothe and heal skin.

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Jill Stuart Beauty Ribbon Couture Eyes

You need to try out their blushers

Jill Stuart prides itself on its blushers, which aims to bring an “innocent but sexy” flush to a girl’s cheeks, as if she was standing in front of a person she loves.

Jill Stuart Beauty Singapore 8

Jill Stuart Beauty Mix Blush Compact More Colors

If you’re intimidated by how the colours look super strong on the palette, you have nothing to worry about. A makeup artist from Jill Stuart Beauty demonstrated how to use their blushers with some “Jill Magic”.

Jill Stuart Beauty Singapore 15

  1. Your blusher should be aligned in a straight line sloping diagonally upward from the side of your nose to just above your ear.
  2. With your brush, go in to your blush palette in a circular motions, mixing the different colours together to blend it into one. Wipe off the excess on a piece of tissue paper.
  3. Apply the blush on your cheek with feather-light circular strokes. Your brush should barely be even touching your skin.
  4. Blend the colour out carefully and you’ll be left with a natural, flattering flush to your cheeks.

We were also particularly delighted to see that their Mix Blush Compact N actually comes with a retractable blush brush, connected to the palette with a chain!

Jill Stuart Beauty Singapore 9

Jill Stuart Beauty Mix Blush Compact N

Now you don’t have to fumble around for a separate brush in your makeup pouch, or have to bring around your big one from home. It’s the little touches like these that really make the difference for us with beauty products!

Jill Stuart Beauty Singapore 1

Right: Jill Stuart Beauty Loose Blush

Imagine how much we “aww”-ed at the super-cute packaging of the Jill Stuart Beauty Loose Blush. It comes in a teardrop-shaped container, with the loose blush pigment kept in the bottom half.

Jill Stuart Beauty Singapore 13

Jill Stuart Beauty Loose Blush

The brush itself, which looks like a dandelion stalk, comes separately at first, but once you tear off the seal of the blush powder, you can store the brush inside, as its handle fits perfectly into the lid of the container.

You can’t miss out on their launch promos!

Jill Stuart Beauty Singapore 20

Jill Stuart Beauty Jelly Eye Color and Sugar Brilliance Eye Color

Jill Stuart Beauty will be launching in Sephora ION and Sephora.sg from March 29 onwards!

Jill Stuart Beauty Singapore 25

Jill Stuart Beauty Hand Mirror and Compact Mirror

For Sephora ION customers:

  • Get a free Jill Stuart Hand Mirror when you spend SGD100 or more (only on 29 March)
  • Get a free Jill Stuart Compact Mirror with any purchase (29 March onwards)
  • Get a personalised Jill Stuart Lip Blossom with complimentary name engraving (29 March – 1 April, and 7 – 8 April)
Jill Stuart Beauty Singapore 21

L to R: Jill Stuart Beauty Lip Blossoms, Jill Stuart Beauty Hand Mirror, and Jill Stuart Beauty Forever Glossy Oil Rouge Tint

For Sephora online customers:

  • Get a free Jill Stuart Lip Blossom Mini Palette with any purchase (29 March onwards)
  • Get a free Jill Stuart Hand Mirror when you spend SGD100 or more (29 March onwards)