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Think Jill Stuart fashion and beauty and you’d certainly think about everything sweet and pretty. It probably isn’t surprising that the fashion contact lenses that Jill Stuart has recently launched are just as gorgeous as what you’d have expected.

Jill Stuart Contact Lenses

Called the Jill Stuart 1day UV, these daily contact lenses come in three colours: pink, green, and blue.

Jill Stuart Contact Lenses Pink 1

Jill Stuart Contact Lenses Pink 2

The pink version is called “Gentle and Lovely”, and features small floral patterns along the outer diameter of the lenses. This gives a sweet look that makes your eyes look even more dewy.

Jill Stuart Contact Lenses Green

Jill Stuart Contact Lenses Green 2

The green one is named “Cute and Delightful”. Frilly ribbons decorate the circumference of these lenses and reminds us of a forest fairy dancing among a flowery oasis. This gives a vibrant, lively look that perk up your eyes instantly.

Jill Stuart Contact Lenses Blue 1
Jill Stuart Contact Lenses Blue 2

The blue lens is called “Elegant and Lithe”, and features the iconic “J” letter for Jill Stuart. This design enhances your eyes so they look more mesmerising.

These lenses are also super comfortable and safe to wear

What we really like about the colours of these lenses is that they are subtle and complement Asian eye colours (of black and brown). So they’re more suitable for daily wear, and not so much for Halloween.

But these lenses aren’t just pretty to look at, they’re designed for great comfort too.

The Jill Stuart 1day UV colour contact lenses contains 58 per cent of moisturising ingredient and has a smoothened edge to make sure they attach comfortably to your eyes. They even has UV absorbents that shield eyes from UV rays – another feature that makes these lenses so comfortable.

Manufactured by Japanese contact lens manufacturer SEED, they are created with SEED’s unqiue Colouration Mechanism where the colourant is safely sandwiched within the contact lens base materials. This means that your eyes will not be in direct contact with the pigment, which makes the lenses safer and more comfortable to wear.

Jill Stuart 1day UV colour lenses are available in boxes of 30 lenses and retails at SGD66 per box. They’re now available at leading premium optical stores. You can find the list of stores here.