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Ms Jung Saem-mool, the South Korean founder of her own beauty brand, has unveiled and marked its first global flagship store outside of Korea at Scotts Road, Singapore!

In case you missed it, JUNGSAEMMOOL debuted its makeup brand in Singapore in May 2019. Fast forward to 2024, you can now find all things JUNGSAEMMOOL within a 4,972 square feet black-and-white bungalow.


I got my makeup done by Korea’s legendary celebrity MUA Jungsaemmool! 🥹🖤✨ Her flagship store/studio has finally opened in Singapore and you can book a makeover session with her and her team without having to fly over to Korea! How cool is that 🫶🏻 @jsmbeauty.sg #sgbeauty #wheretogo #singapore #jungsaemmool #jsm #makeup #korean #mua #kbeauty #hiddengems #fyp #foryou

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Read on to learn more about this cult K-beauty brand and Ms Jung Saem-mool’s decision for a flagship store in sunny Singapore.

JUNGSAEMMOOL’s Unique Singapore Flagship

jungsaemmool flagship store singapore

Credit: @jungsaemmool11/Instagram

Touted as Korea’s most influential celebrity makeup artist, founder Jung Saem-mool specifically sought a heritage building for this special flagship.

Before landing on her decision, she also considered shophouses in Keong Saik Road, Dempsey, and Duxton.

In 2017, the brand had its offline debut in a shophouse in Garosugil, Seoul. With that, Jung Saem-mool felt that launching in a comparable space in Singapore was the best way to convey the brand’s values and identities.

“A mall would be very restrictive to show who we are and limited to just showcasing products, which would be a misinterpretation of the brand. We didn’t want that to be our first impression when launching in Singapore,” Jung Saem-mool told The Straits Times.

jungsaemmool flagship store singapore

Credits: @jungsaemmool11/Instagram, @saeroniee/TikTok

Inside the transformed bungalow, you’ll find a retail space selling Jungsaemmool products, private beauty salons offering hair and makeup services, and a makeup training academy — all under one roof and unlike the stores in Seoul which focus only on one vertical each.

The tasteful renovation transcends a colonial house while keeping the historical charm of the building intact. The space is adorned with modern touches of mirrored walls and a peach-hued staircase.

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Building a Brand and a New Life in Singapore

In 2015, Jung Saem-mool launched her namesake beauty brand online, driven by the philosophy of helping people embrace their unique beauty.

She now has six standalone stores in South Korea and seven stores in the rest of the world, including this new flagship location in Singapore.

Singapore wasn’t just chosen for business reasons. Jung Saem-mool was drawn to the country’s cultural diversity, a stark contrast to South Korea’s homogeneity. She also appreciates Singapore’s openness to non-traditional families, which is important to her as a mother of two adopted daughters.

While Jungsaemmool products were previously available in Singapore through multi-label retailer Escentials, this flagship store offers a more comprehensive brand experience.

jungsaemmool flagship store singapore

Credits: @saeroniee/TikTok, @jungsaemmool11/Instagram

The academy provides classes for both professional makeup artists and everyday women who want to learn how to do their own makeup. There are also private salon services for hair, makeup, and consultations.

A one-day course for professional makeup artists is priced from S$2,000. The price for regular customers is to be determined.

Makeup services are priced from S$300 to S$500 and haircuts are priced from S$100 for men and from S$120 for women.

A personal makeup session and consultation with Ms Jung Saem-mool starts at S$2,000.

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About Jung Saem-mool

jungsaemmool flagship store singapore

Credit: @jsmbeauty_sg/Instagram

Currently based and residing in Singapore, the veteran makeup artist is a pioneer and legend in Korean beauty.

She was famously known for her expertise in achieving radiant, dewy skin and admired for her ability to create luminous, effortless looks for top celebrities in South Korea like pop star BoA and actress Song Hye-kyo.

jungsaemmool flagship store singapore

Credit: @jungsaemmool11/Instagram

In 1991, she entered the scene as a rookie. By the mid-2000s, she was tending to some of the faces of South Korea’s biggest names (actresses Song, Jun Ji-hyun and Kim Tae-hee). She also established the Jungsaemmool Academy in 2005, with the aim of nurturing aspiring make-up artists.

At 37, Jung Saem-mool left the height of her career to pursue an art degree at the San Francisco Academy of Art University. There, she had to start from scratch and take a basic English course.

jungsaemmool flagship store singapore

Credit: @saeroniee/TikTok

Earning her art degree wasn’t just about fulfilling a personal dream; it also boosted her skills as a makeup artist.

By studying colour mixing and theory, she gained a formal framework for her already intuitive understanding of colour. This newfound knowledge allowed her to combine the worlds of art and makeup theory seamlessly.

Now, with just a glance at someone’s pupils, Jung Saem-mool can instinctively identify the most flattering natural colour tones for them.

It’s a testament to how her artistic background has enhanced her ability to create personalised makeup looks that enhance natural beauty.

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Location & Contact Details
27 Scotts Road, Singapore 228222
Opening hours
10am – 7pm (Mon to Sat) Closed on Sun
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Featured image credits: @saeroniee/TikTok, @jungsaemmool11/Instagram