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Let’s admit it: we all wish we could have radiant and dewy glass skin, but somehow only a few lucky ones manage to achieve it.

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Rather than blaming dull skin on bad luck and bad genes, a new skincare brand developed by a small global team of skincare experts, K-Bright, believes that it takes a hardworking, high maintenance routine to achieve that fabulous glow you dream of. By hardworking, they don’t just mean that you do an elaborate 10-step routine – it means that your skincare should do the hard work for you as well.

With this mission in mind, the brand has developed an innovative technology that could be the answer to glowing skin.

K-Bright: locking in potency to unlock radiance

Skincare junkies would be familiar with the term ‘active ingredients’, or ‘actives’ for short: these are ingredients that work directly on targeted skin concerns. Your skincare products would also contain other inactive ingredients that help to activate the efficacy of active ingredients.

Here’s the problem: over time, actives can lose their strength and efficacy – Vitamin C, in particular, starts to oxidise and change colour when dissolved in water. Pure Vitamin C at 100% potency appears as clear, whereas a dark orange would mean that your Vitamin C has lost a huge percentage of its efficacy.

You could be diligently applying a Vitamin C serum that has low potency but your radiant skin has never materialised even after continued usage, simply because your product hasn’t been working as hard as it should!

To ensure freshness and potency of active ingredients before they reach your skin, K-Bright has partnered with leading Korean scientists to harness the latest skincare technology in creating the revolutionary Icy-Lock™ Technology, where natural ingredients are flash-frozen immediately after harvesting.

These natural ingredients include amino acids, brightening actives (including niacinamide, a form of Vitamin B), as well as the following Korean bio-actives:

  • Borage seed oil: clinically-proven to inhibit melanin production for brighter skin without dark spots
  • Jeju lava seawater: rich in minerals for cell regeneration and hydration
  • Pearl dew extract: exfoliates old skin, inhibits melanin production, and accelerates skin regeneration
  • Korean miracle mineral blend: restore skin barrier and repair damaged skin

At extreme temperatures of -18 °C and -50 °C, and with liquid vapourised out of the frozen ingredients for 24 to 60 hours, pure actives in the ingredients are preserved and protected at their optimum state. They are then sealed and packed in a specialised vacuum-sealed packaging so that you get the maximum freshness and potency only when you open them for use!

K-Bright bestsellers to check out

K Bright

Known as the “Flawless Radiance Set”, the Icy-Lock™ Miracle Booster Pearls (Dream Tone) and Crystal Bright Illuminating Serum are the brand’s best-selling products.

These are best used together to create luminous skin in as little as three days, although best results will be visible after continued usage over fourteen days.

Icy-Lock™ Miracle Booster Pearls (Dream Tone)

K Bright Icy Lock Miracle Booster Pearls Dream Tone

K-Bright’s proprietary Icy-lock™ technology is at its most efficacious in the Miracle Booster Pearls, where ingredients such as Vitamin C are locked in.

While most Vitamin C serums in the market today contain just 10% to 20% of Vitamin C and are formulated with water, these pearls contain a whooping 35% Vitamin C, and no preservatives are added as the freshness of the active ingredients are guaranteed with Icy-lock™ technology.

As the potency of Vitamin C is multiplied, you will get three times more brightening power from one booster pearl as compared to a drop of other Vitamin C serums!

These pearls also contain 4% resveratrol, a natural and powerful antioxidant found in the skin of grapes that helps repair damage and activate cell renewal.

Activate the pearl with the Crystal Bright Illuminating Serum, watch the pearl dissolve, and mix with your fingers before applying to your face – you’ll be surprised at how effective this is at brightening skin, diminishing dark patches, evening out discolouration, as well as fighting signs of ageing!

K Bright Booster How To Use

Icy-Lock™ Miracle Booster Pearls (Dream Tone) retail at SGD62 for 16 pearls/box on K-Bright’s website.

Crystal Bright Illuminating SerumK Bright Crystal Bright Illuminating Serum

Designed to activate the Icy-Lock™ Miracle Booster Pearls, this highly-hydrating serum is enriched with a powerful active-ingredient complex, mineral blend, and probiotic enzymes (Bifida Ferment Lysate). It works at the cellular level to penetrate layers of skin, leaving a velvety touch.

Over time, you should notice more hydrated and radiant skin with an even skin tone.

You are recommended to use this serum after your toners and essences. Mix it with Icy-Lock™ Miracle Booster Pearls to activate booster pearls for best brightening and hydrating potency.

Crystal Bright Illuminating Serum retails at SGD89 on K-Bright’s website.

Glowing product reviews and testimonials

For skincare that claims to offer so much more than your usual offerings, the true litmus test lies with none other than the consumers who have tried and tested the products.

Third-party clinical studies have proven that continuous usage of K-Bright’s products is able to give users visible and measurable results. For example, a clinical study on 33 Chinese consumers reported a noticeable improvement in terms of skin radiance, lightened pigmentation, reduction in wrinkles, as well as minimised pores after using K-Bright’s Crystal Bright Illuminating Serum for two weeks.

K Bright Crystal Bright Illuminating Serum Clinical Studies China

Due to its proven efficacies on consumers, K-Bright has a legion of celebrity fans right here in Singapore!

Singer-songwriter Tabitha Nauser, for one, is a big fan of K-Bright’s innovative Icy-lock™ complex technology, which is not only super-efficient but also practical for a busy go-getter like her. She likes the fact that she knows she will always be getting ingredients that work hard for her and pay off in terms of visible results.


Socialite Calista Cuaca would also have you know that her skin has become “more even-toned, luminous, and hydrated” after using K-Bright, and she counts Icy-Lock™ Miracle Booster Pearls as one of her favourite products!


Most of us may find it difficult to keep up a good skincare routine, not to mention busy-bees like #girlboss Sophia Chong and model-athlete Iman Fandi. However, they both agree that K-Bright’s products have helped make it easier for them to get their glow on everyday – the rest of us could certainly do with a little help with this too!



Can’t wait to unlock the key to luminous skin?

K-Bright products currently retail in Singapore on their website, where you will find the full skincare range developed to brighten your skin, as well as gift sets that you can buy for a loved one this festive season.

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