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If 2018 was the year we all started adding highlighters to our beauty routine, then 2019 might be the year when we change the way we use it.

Kaja Roller Highlighter 3

You’ve probably already heard (or used) powder, liquid or cream highlighters, but guess what – there’s now a highlighter roller! This innovative product is dropped by Korean beauty brand Kaja, which announced the launch of Roller Glow with an Instagram video.


Instagram is officially obsessed with this product, evident from more than 90,000 views of this video, with almost 300 comments.

Kaja Roller Highlighter 2

Described as a “smooth, balm formula infused with pink ruby powder”, this roller highlighter is also said to melt into skin and deliver a universally flattering duo-chrome highlight.

The roller applicator is designed to help with ease of application and to create a even radiance to your complexion.

Kaja Roller Highlighter 1

To use it, simply roll the applicator over balm to warm up formula. Then, roll it over the area you want. You can layer on powder to set the product further.

If you ask us, we think that it sounds pretty promising and can’t wait for the chance to try if it works just as well as it suggests!

Kaja Roller Glow retails at USD28, and is available at Sephora USA, and Memebox.