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Kakao Friends originally found their roots as emoticons for the South Korean messaging app, KakaoTalk. The beloved animal characters became so well-received that they swiftly developed into a brand of their own, with the company pushing out a vast array of merchandise under their name, from plush toys to makeup products.

Their most popular character – the mischievous Apeach – is featured in their latest roll-out of hair tools! These hair appliances take on pastel hues of pink and blue which complement the character’s colour tone, giving this new collection a rather soft and feminine-looking look.

Read on to see the entire collection and find out how you can get hold of them in Singapore. (Yes, we found a local retailer!)

The most popular product is likely going to be the Lovely Apeach Mini Hair Dryer. This tiny, compact appliance comes with a collapsible hand grip, allowing it to be both storage-efficient and easy to travel with.

The collection also includes the Lovely Apeach Hair Iron, which comes ready with a USB charger and a small pouch so you can carry this item out with you to use whenever you deem fit. Simply preheat the device before applying it to small sections of your hair to create the desired hairstyle you want.

If you’ve got some forehead bangs in desperate need of curling, this pre-heatable Lovely Apeach USB Hair Roll offers an effective solution! Just give the hair rol two to three minutes to charge up, and then it’s ready for use.

These cutesy products are available on the Kakao Friends’ website but they unfortunately don’t ship outside of Korea. Thankfully, we found them on Shopee and you can get them at prices starting from SGD34.