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We were scouring social media for the trendiest beauty products when we chanced upon our latest makeup obsession – a keyboard-shaped eyeshadow palette!

Shaped just like a QWERTY keyboard, this eyeshadow palette doesn’t have a number pad but still comes with the ESC and Function keys.

Keyboard-shaped Eyeshadow Both Palettes

This palette is so detailed, you can even pretend to type on it as each button is defined and labelled. You can try and fool your friends into thinking this is a mini-Bluetooth keyboard.

It not only looks good, but also holds pretty and pigmented shades too. So, this is something we’ll turn to daily.

With two variations to this keyboard-shaped eyeshadow palette, each is beautiful in their own right.

Keyboard-shaped Eyeshadow E-Sports Girl Palette and Swatches

Out of the two, our favourite is the honey-coloured keyboard named the E-Sports Girl. It has delicate and dreamy peach, pink, and silver shades in both shimmer and matte finishes.

There are fun details in the eyeshadow, such as engravings of a power button, a game controller, and a loading bar.

Keyboard-shaped Eyeshadow Internet Addicted Girl Palette and Swatches

The chocolate-coloured keyboard, which is named Internet Addicted Girl, holds soft beiges and browns in matte and shimmer finishes.

The attention to detail is quite impressive as this palette has different engravings such as a Record key, a Sign-Up button, a Recycle Bin, and more.

You can bet that we’re getting both of these palettes – we’re way too impressed by the detailing!

INSITI Eyeshadow Palette retails for S$38.36 on Shopee, but there’s a promotion going on right now at time of writing.

Featured image credit: RED