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Pink vanity tables filled with red lip tints, compact cushions and kid-sized face masks – these are no child’s play, but serious business at Shushu &Sassy, a beauty salon in Seoul catered for kids. Kids as young as 36 months patronise this salon, with most at four to seven years of age, according to Korea Herald.

Shushu &Sassy operates various outlets in different cities in Korea and even has an online store, selling their own range of cosmetic products for kids. Besides mask packs to lip glosses, they even have a CC Cushion for kids!




In an interview, a five-year-old customer points out that she’s seen the same cushion type sunscreen on her mother’s dressing table. After getting her makeup done, she said, ““Now, I look pretty like mom!”

The brand started off as an online cosmetic store for kids, but ventured into physical stores offering beauty spas, treatments and makeovers. There’s even a video ad for their cosmetic line, featuring a young girl dolling up. The video ends off with the girl asking, “Am I pretty?”

Like what you can expect in the usual adult salons, this salon offers manicures, pedicures, hair styling, makeup and a series of spas for the kids. Sheet masks are even made in a smaller size for their tiny faces.





Prices for the range between 25,000 won (~SGD30) to 40,000 won (~SGD48) for treatments and services offered at this salon.