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What age did you start playing around with makeup? We bet most of you would only have started in your late teens, but this kids have got a headstart – they’re less than 15 years old and already boast better makeup skills than many adults! Some of them even helm wildly successful YouTube channels and have garnered hundreds of thousands, even millions, of views. Overachiever, much?

We’ve narrowed down eight of the best beauty YouTubers who are under the age of 15, and who are already slaying the makeup game like they were born that way. Read on to see their adorable antics!

1. Sophia Grace

You may remember this young lady from her first appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show at the age of 8. Since her time on Ellen, Sophia Grace has set up her own YouTube page!

Now at the age of 14, she posts vlogs, lifestyle videos, challenges, covers and makeup tutorials on her page. Sophia’s bubbly personality has earned her more than 2.6 million subscribers.

She is skilled at winged eyeliner and knows her makeup brushes inside out! For an everyday makeup tutorial, check out Sophia’s video above.

2. prettynice101

Bella is 11 years old this year and has posted numerous makeup tutorials on her page, prettynice101. She has been posting her makeup tutorials on YouTube since the tender age of 7 and has accumulated herself more than 198,000 subscribers!

Her contour skills are superb, and she knows how to make her best features stand out. Her makeup collection is also extensive; she owns numerous cult classic products, such as the Urban Decay Naked 2 eyeshadow palette.

While her makeup looks are classy, she is sweet and likeable, too! Click on the video above to see her easy and cute makeup look for Valentine’s Day.

3. Kittiesmama

Kittiesmama is a YouTube channel shared by a family. Their youngest makeup guru, Emma, is only 14 years old! Emma has been posting makeup tutorials since she was 6.

She has done everything from Halloween makeup, to party and everyday looks, and her skills have garnered her more than 1 million views. Emma has captivated the hearts of many on YouTube who are fans of her cute voice and bubbly personality. Click to watch one of Emma’s first videos when she was only 8!

4. Penny Hart


While her age is unknown, Penny Hart doesn’t look any older than 11. Despite her age, she has already uploaded 3 makeup tutorial videos which have so far garnered more than than 10,000 views each.

Penny is so cute and her adorable appearance has stolen the hearts of her viewers. Even though Penny only does her makeup videos for fun, she has already gotten many compliments from viewers for her skills. In fact, some of her viewers even claim that she is better at makeup than they are.

Click on the video to see the adorable Penny and how she does her makeup like Elsa.

5. Allibug


Alli is only 13, but she has already posted several makeup tutorials for 6th graders and reviews on her YouTube channel. Her video, titled “6th Grade Makeup Routine”, went viral and has gotten over 3 million views so far.

To date, she has over 30,000 subscribers on her page. Despite her young age, Alli is knowledgeable and skillful with the products she uses, and manages to conceal her problem areas beautifully. Check out Alli’s most watched video above!

6. Kendall Vertes

The 14-year-old has already gained worldwide popularity from being on the reality show Dance Moms. Kendall is actually a young professional dancer and singer, but she does makeup tutorials on her YouTube page.

In spite of her hectic schedule, she sets aside time to post everyday makeup looks and makeup for dance competitions. She also vlogs, challenges and talks about Dance Moms trivia.

Kendall has over 800,000 subscribers to date. Watch Kendall’s Competition Makeup tutorial above for a sweat-proof, performance-ready look!

7. SimplyyKian!


Kian Paul Owen is 14 this year and hails from Birmingham, UK. He is incredibly talented despite his young age! The self-taught YouTuber has posted more than 3 makeup tutorials for attending festivals, or even just going to school.

Kian loves dark red lips and thick eyebrows. His makeup tutorials are perfect for makeup newbies who want to achieve that perfect look for a night out. Check out his glam makeup look in the video above.

8. Reuben De Maid

12-year-old Reuben is from Wales loves to sing and loves makeup. Despite his young age, Reuben has appeared on This Morning and The Ellen DeGeneres Show for his excellent makeup skills.

He even showcased his edgy smokey eye look on the latter broadcast, where he also received a standing ovation for his talent. Reuben loves glamorous and dramatic eyebrows, so if you’re struggling with getting the perfect brow shape, take some tips on how to achieve the perfect brows from this young guru.

9. Samia’s Life

Can you believe Samia is only two? Her review of Rihanna’s new Fenty Beauty went viral. Even Rihanna herself shared the above video on her Instagram account!

Viewers went “awwww” when Samia covered her entire face in the Fenty Beauty Trophy Wife highlighter, and even asked if she could eat the universal lip luminizer after giving it a sniff.

Samia is actually the daughter of LaToya Forever, a popular YouTuber herself. Check out her video above for a toddler’s review of the new Fenty Beauty line.