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Kiehl’s is launching its online store and it’s probably not what you’re imagining right now.

The groundbreaking launch features a 3D virtual concept and it made us feel like we’re stepping into the future when we had a preview of it.

Thanks to the intelligent design and incorporation of tech elements, you’ll practically get the full experience of “walking” around the store and looking at products – pretty much like how you would in a physical store.

Read on to find out what you can look forward to in the new Kiehl’s 3D virtual store. We also share our personal experience navigating it.

3D Kiehl’s Customer Representative Avatar

Photo: Kiehl’s 3D virtual store

Just like how you’d be greeted by a Customer Representative at a physical, a 3D avatar of Kiehl’s Customer Representative Mika ushers you in warmly.

She will guide you through the store, explaining each section from introducing you to Kiehl’s customer favourites to its reward system. Don’t forget to turn your sound on to listen to in-depth explanations from Mika to learn how each product works.

I love how the layout of the virtual store looks exactly like a physical one. Immersing in the experience makes me forget for a moment I’m actually looking through my screen.

The navigation is also super easy and fun; I felt as if I was playing The Sims!

3D products in AR mode

Photo: Kiehl’s

If you miss the experience of picking up products and inspecting them when you shop online, you’re going to be obsessed with this feature.

The Kiehl’s 3D virtual shop makes use of Augmented Reality where you can now “pick up” and view products and even explore them in full 360-degrees.

The Instant Skin Reader

For many of us, a highlight of visiting a Kiehl’s boutique in person is being able to get a full in-depth personalised consultation and recommended treatment from an expert.

To make up for this in its online store, Kiehl’s has introduced the Instant Skin Reader, an AI powered diagnostic digital experience. To use the Instant Skin Reader, all you have to do is upload a selfie and answer three simple questions about your age, skin type, and skin sensitivity.

Photo: Kiehl’s

The Instant Skin Reader has an accuracy rate of 90.1% where it will then analyse the uploaded selfie, comparing it to other images across a range of ethnicities and skin types. This incredible technology developed by dermatologists diagnoses a variety of skin concerns such as lines and wrinkles, skin dullness, and uneven skin tones.

Photo: Kiehl’s

Once the assessment is completed, you will then receive the results of your skin in the form of your top two skin strengths and areas of improvement. Customers will also receive customised product recommendations that they can purchase from the virtual store.

I was really excited to try out the Instant Skin Reader to see what it would tell me.

Besides telling me about my uneven skin tone concern (from my past acne scars), it was also able to tell me the potential concerns that I was susceptible to in the future, such as lines and wrinkles. From this analysis, I learnt more about the products that would best suit my needs, in terms of treating my concerns now and preventing other skin issues from arising. I found these very helpful and it has definitely help me build a better skincare routine.

Kiehl’s 3D virtual store opens today.