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Did we catch your attention with ‘collagen ice cream’ in the headline? Well, it definitely sounds both interesting and weird at the same time, especially when we’ve only consumed collagen drinks or had collagen hotpot broths so far.

Now, you can definitely add some excitement to your gastronomic journey with Singapore’s first-ever collagen ice cream, made possible by two homegrown brands namely Udders and Kinohimitsu.

The first-of-its-kind collaboration celebrates the Collagen Green Caviar drink, which is the newest member of the Kinohimitsu Collagen family.

The formula takes inspiration from Japanese anti-ageing secrets and is powered by green caviar, which is specially sourced from Okinawa, Japan for its multitude of beauty benefits.

(Psst… Two Daily Vanity team members have personally tried the Kinohimitsu Collagen Green Caviar supplement for two weeks, you can click here to read their first impressions.)


The unique dessert flavour, which was launched over the weekend, is said to have a light and refreshing fruity flavour that not only tastes good but also makes your skin glow too.

How? Well, get this – the ice cream is made with a full bottle of Kinohimitsu’s Collagen Green Caviar – that means you’re getting a full serving of 5,300mg of collagen in each scoop!

In celebration of this unusual partnership, Udders is giving out a bottle of Kinohimitsu Collagen Green Caviar (worth S$5.45, while stocks last) for free when you buy a scoop of Kinohimitsu Collagen with a waffle at all Udders outlets (except Beach Road).

An icy cold treat that not only quenches you on a hot day but also offers skin benefits – this is truly the definition of boosting your skin radiance and youthfulness from within.

The special-edition Kinohimitsu Collagen flavour is now available at all Udders outlets (except Beach Road) at S$4.90 a scoop. You can also order it online from the Udders e-store at S$5.40 per scoop.