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By now, we’re probably no strangers to the wonders that the K-beauty world can bring. From creating bizarre but effective products (think rubber masks, snail mucin creams, lip mask patches, the list goes on) to the viral 10-step Korean skin care routine, Korean beauty brands are always striving to be at the forefront of beauty innovations.

Reclar, one of the acclaimed smart beauty gadget innovators in Korea, is now in Singapore


One such brand that recently reached our shores is Reclar. A professional beauty device brand spearheaded by a medical device company in Korea, Reclar gained traction shortly after its official launch in 2016 when it introduced its first peeling device which sold 10,000 units in a month!

Often spotted in top Korean beauty magazines as well as videos by popular beauty YouTubers, the Reclar Galvanic Ion Water Peeler (Gold), which has blue and red light therapies along with its peeling function, is highly sought after for its ability to revitalise the skin and help maximise skin’s absorption of your skincare products.

Constantly researching and testing the latest scientific advances and technologies in beauty, Reclar aims to restore skin to its former healthy and beautiful state through its practical beauty gadgets and skincare formulas.

The brand has since expanded internationally following its launch four years ago, with presence in the United States, South America, Europe, Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and now Singapore thanks to the brand’s official partner, Lumive, which prides itself in curating a selection of authentic K-beauty products that are suitable for our skin and humid Singapore weather.

Lumive sources all of its beauty products – popular and underrated alike – from Korea and tests each and every one of its products vigorously before launching it in the market. The aim is to ensure that the products walk the talk and are able to effectively deliver noticeable differences on your skin.


Many happy customers who discovered the brand through their favourite beauty influencers all sing praises of Reclar, extolling how its compact products serve as convenient, effective skin helpers so you don’t have to worry too much if you missed your appointment with the beautician or dermatologist due to your busy schedule.

Daily Vanity had the opportunity to try Reclar’s Galvanic Ion Water Peeler (Gold) and Ion Double-care Toner Mist when the brand launched in Singapore and here’s what we think about the devices!

Two products to try from Korean brand, Reclar

Reclar Galvanic Ion Water Peeler (Gold)


With more than 12,000 reviews on Naver (the Korean equivalent of Google), this award-winning gizmo is Reclar’s best-selling product to date.

While peeling devices that are powered by ultrasonic vibration massage, micro-current, and ion technology are not new in the market, the Reclar Galvanic Ion Water Peeler (Gold) stands out among the rest as it is also built with two types of light therapy to treat certain skin concerns.

Additionally, its slim, ergonomic shape is designed to comfortably fit in your hand and it also incorporates LED indicators on the face of the device so that you can visibly see which function it is set on.

Why do we exactly need a peeling device, you ask? With the unbearable heat and humidity in Singapore, it’s inevitable for our skin to be prone to an increase in oil production from sebaceous glands. Since we can’t change the weather, the only way to effectively dislodge all the impurities and dead skin cells in your pores while controlling your skin’s oil production simultaneously is by using a peeling gadget.

Based on a clinical study of the Galvanic Ion Water Peeler (Gold) by Reclar, 85% of the study’s participants agree that their skin looked healthier and more vibrant after trying the device while 95% of them noted that their skin has improved overall.

With these promising results in mind, it’s safe to say that we were looking forward to trying the special 24K gold-plated version of the Galvanic Ion Water Peeler (Gold), which is ideal for sensitive skin. For your information, the Reclar Galvanic Ion Water Peeler (Gold) is also the first in the market to incorporate a pure gold-plated blade to a peeling gadget. Courtesy of gold’s high conductivity and excellent corrosion resistance, it helps to optimise the effect of the galvanic ion technology.

As mentioned earlier, the Galvanic Ion Water Peeler (Gold) comes with built-in light therapy – GBlue and GRed – that are certified safe for the skin: the GBlue function features 470nm blue light that helps to purify skin and improve skin troubles such as acne and irritation, and the GRed is essentially 624nm red light that offers anti-ageing and brightening benefits while stimulating collagen production, repairing UV-damaged skin, and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

Both light therapy functions can work with any of your favourite skincare products – GBlue pairs well with essence, ampoule or serum while GRed goes well with a water-based face moisturiser.

Reclar Galvanic Ion Water Gold Peeler - Close Up

The Reclar Galvanic Ion Water Peeler (Gold) features a sturdy gold-plated tip as well as LED indicators for its three functions

We tried the device’s peeling function twice weekly and the light therapy functions twice daily as recommended. With the peeling function, it is important to note that your face cannot be too wet with water as it will cause the tool to be less effective. However, if you do find that the water on your skin is starting to lessen, you can damp your face a little with water so that the gadget can glide across smoothly.

For the GBlue function, we tried it with all kinds of serum, including vitamin C, and observed slight brightening effects on our skin with the combination of GBlue and a vitamin C serum. Meanwhile, we paired a water-based gel moisturiser as well as a facial oil with the GRed function to test compatibility – both skincare products worked surprisingly well with the red light.

With the light therapy functions, we find that it helps us relax and enjoy our skin care routine as we slowly glide the gadget across our face with our favourite skincare products.

Overall, we especially like how the peeling device is designed with an automatic sensor that keeps the gadget inactive until it touches the skin. We also appreciate the convenient built-in timer that deactivates the device after five minutes of usage – no more setting up a separate timer on our phones to remind us when the time is up!

It’s also worth noting that the current version of the Galvanic Ion Water Peeler (Gold) is upgraded with a bigger battery capacity, which allows it to be used for 35 minutes (that’s about three days’ worth of usage) with one single charge.

Reclar Ion Double-care Toner Mist

Reclar Ion Double Care Toner Mist With Camellia Essence

Another product that you shouldn’t miss is the Reclar Ion Double-care Toner Mist. As its name suggests, it’s a toner mist spray which allows you to mist your toner onto your face instead of using your hands or your cotton pad.

The misting gadget is built with galvanic ion and LED technologies to improve skin’s absorption of your toner and subsequent skincare products while delivering a consistent, ultra-fine mist to better soothe and hydrate your skin courtesy of its patented fine-spray technology. On top of that, little maintenance is needed as it uses UV technology to sanitise the toner cartridge once the solution within has run out.

All you have to do is fill up the cartridge with Reclar’s Camellia Soothing Essence, a pure camellia water-based toner that’s exclusive to the misting device, or you can also opt for any of the three toner solutions from Reclar based on your skin concerns.

Thanks to its fine-mist design, the tool also doubles as a facial mist that you can carry around with you to refresh your skin throughout the day. Not only does it provide a great foundation for smoother makeup application, you can spritz it liberally on your face anytime of the day over your makeup without worrying about messing up your look.

We first tried the Ion Double-care Toner Mist with its exclusive Camellia Soothing Essence, a highly moisturising formula that soothes dry skin and offers antioxidant effects. Filling up the device’s cartridge is fairly straightforward – all you have to keep in mind is to not pour the liquid all the way to the brim as that may cause leaking. The toner’s scent is surprisingly pleasant and mild, which quickly dissipates once you pat the toner into your skin.

Reclar Toner Solutions - 6 Peptide, Cica and Brightening

We also tried the Ion Double-care Toner Mist with three other Reclar solutions: 6 Peptide Solution which helps strengthen skin barrier, Cica Solution for skin-soothing benefits, and Brightening Solution which helps with dullness and uneven skin tone.

Aside from six carefully selected peptides, the light pink-coloured 6 Peptide Solution also contains hydrolyzed collagen to aid in cell regeneration. Meanwhile, the wheat-coloured Cica Solution utilises natural Asiatic pennywort extract which possesses antibacterial and healing properties.

The yellow-hued Brightening Solution combines niacinamide and vitamins to brighten the complexion and prevent future skin pigmentation. These toner solutions are suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin, as they are formulated without fragrance or paraben.

All four toner solutions that we tried are light-as-air and get absorbed by the skin really quickly. As with the Galvanic Ion Water Peeler (Gold), the Ion Double-care Toner Mist also comes with a built-in sensor that automatically stops spritzing once the cycle is over so we did have to spray twice to feel that we have toned our face and neck properly.

We tried the toner solutions over the course of two weeks – first with the misting device and separately on its own after that. When used on its own with cotton pad, we still find that the toner solutions are really pleasant to use and easily absorbed by the skin. The fragrance with the three targeted toner solutions are really mild, so you’ll barely notice the scent as you spritz it across your face.

Overall, we really enjoy using both the Reclar Galvanic Ion Water Peeler (Gold) and Reclar Ion Double-care Toner Mist. While they add a few minutes to our skin care regimen, we find that the gadgets help us de-stress and enjoy some quick downtime while applying our skincare products.

And truth be told, we aren’t the only ones who have fallen in love with the Reclar beauty devices too. There are plenty of rave reviews online, with many users expressing how the Galvanic Ion Water Peeler (Gold) is essentially a lifesaver for times when we couldn’t go in to the salon for a facial (remember the skin agony we faced during Circuit Breaker?).

Plenty of users have also reported seeing positive changes in their skin, and here’s what they have to say:

  • “I tried the Galvanic Ion Water Peeler (Gold) for a month and I love how it’s not overly drying and doesn’t break me out at all; in fact, it’s helped calm my acne flare-ups and control my skin’s oil production significantly! My skin is now glowing again but not in a oily, shiny way – phew!” – Evangeline Pow
  • “What impresses me the most about the Galvanic Ion Water Peeler (Gold) is that the blackheads on my nose are now much less visible. I have tried many products to get rid of the really stubborn ones to no avail, but I find it’s much easier to manually extract them after using the device.” – Irene Yang
  • “My skin is so glowy after using the Galvanic Ion Water Peeler (Gold). I can step out confidently without makeup now because my skin looks and feels that good!” – Hannah Chia
  • “The Ion Double-care Toner Mist really helps keep my skin cool and hydrated. I have sensitive skin, so I love how the device calms my rashes whenever I’m out and about on a hot day.” – Jas
  • “I’ve been bringing the Ion Double-care Toner Mist around with me because I like how it offers my skin a quick fix without ruining my makeup. Plus, it fits into my bag easily.” – Jen

The Reclar Galvanic Ion Water Peeler (Gold) retails for S$189 while the Reclar Ion Double-care Toner Mist retails for S$92 and comes with the exclusive Camellia Soothing Essence (100ml). Both products are available for purchase at Reclar’s official distributor in Singapore, Lumive’s website.

This article is brought to you by Lumive.