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Who doesn’t love a good K-beauty video tutorial? We know we do, at any rate. Fortunately, the Hallyu wave has brought about a wide variety of beauty experts showing off their chops, with videos on just about every K-beauty trend there is: from glass skin to puppy eyes to gradient lips. Watching Korean beauty YouTubers, however, does bring about a unique set of challenges: namely, understanding them.

If achieving straight brows is getting to be a little confusing without an English translation, well, it’s your lucky day, because we have found 19 of the best Korean beauty YouTubers who have English subtitles in their videos. Ready to become a K-beauty expert? Forge on!

1. Pony Syndrome

At the top of the list? Korea’s top beauty guru Pony, of course! With over 5.9 million subscribers under her belt and a successful makeup line that you can now purchase in Singapore, Pony is considered to be one of the most renowned Korean beauty YouTubers out there.

Her iconic transformation series — to celebrities such as Taylor Swift and Kylie Jenner— have garnered millions of views already since they were first uploaded in 2016, with her other makeup looks such as achieving clear, glassy skin and natural Korean makeup for every mood and season hitting the million mark as well. She’s been praised for having a great mix of beginner-friendly makeup looks and complex ones, so feel free to check her out no matter your skill level.

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2. Lamuqe

You may know her from her What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim makeup tutorial that has garnered 400,000 views already, but Lamuqe is known for her variety of other makeup tutorials too! From basic makeup guides to complex K-pop idol looks, Lamuqe already has 1.2 million subscribers under her belt, with her numbers steadily rising every day.

Her skincare guides tell you everything you need to know about achieving that famed Korean glass complexion, while her makeover series that include tips on how to achieve larger looking eyes with makeup truly shows off her prowess as a makeup artist. She’s so popular that her videos even have Japanese and Vietnamese subtitles from time to time, so make sure to switch off the closed captions function to watch the English subs instead!

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3. Heizle

One of the best Korean beauty YouTubers around is, undoubtedly, Heizle. Sure, she may not have millions of subscribers just yet, but her easy-to-follow makeup looks have been circulating the web and getting millions of plays. With a rapidly growing fan base, Heizle continues to put out natural makeup looks and other content to keep her subscribers engaged!

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4. Risabae

An Instagram sensation and YouTube beauty guru, Risabae has rapidly rose amongst the ranks to become one of the top Korean beauty YouTubers out there. With 2.2 million subscribers and makeup tutorials that range from technical (we’re talking full-on Maleficent makeup) to simple (how to get the iconic straight Korean brows), she is clearly a social media powerhouse.

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5. Jaymeeforyou

While not all of Jaymee’s videos come with subtitles, a majority of them do, especially her recent makeup tutorials! Her Retro Orange Makeup Tutorial back in 2018 was what propelled her to fame, with her other innovative looks making a mark as well. Her 228k subscriber base is certainly growing on a daily basis, so be sure to jump onto the bandwagon before she blows up completely.

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6. SSin

Looking to watch a fun, entertaining and an excellent makeup artist? SSin has it all, with her drastic makeup transformations and one brand makeup tutorials jumpstarting her career. With 1.5 million subscribers to her main channel, she even has a side channel where you can watch the various antics she gets up to.

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7. Jella

Tanned or darker skinned Korean beauty YouTubers are a dime a dozen, which is what makes Jella so unique, really. Her “Get Ready With Me” videos are always an entertaining watch, and she also does videos sharing all kinds of tips for hair care, skincare, and even fitness!

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8. Daddoa

We’re a sucker for makeup transformations, so it’s no surprise that we consider Daddoa as one of the best Korean beauty YouTubers out there, really. Her transformation from exhausted and bespectacled to a literal K-beauty goddess is a constant fixture on her channel, with 1.1 million subscribers tuning in daily. She hasn’t been updating as much, lately, but her makeup looks are clear classics that you can mimic for your day-to-day life.

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9. JJeong U

Sure, JJeong U is one of the few Korean beauty YouTubers who may not have subs for every single one of her videos, but they are definitely available for her latest videos and popular uploads. Other than makeup and skincare tips, she also imparts wisdom on hair care, too, with her how to video on styling a poop bun (nope, we kid you not!) garnering 88k views in just a few months! Her K-pop idol inspired makeup looks are apparently supremely easy to follow— she covers popular girl groups such as aespa and IVE, so be sure to check that out if you’d like to combine your love for the two.

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10. Eva Beauty

A university student who is known for her wearable makeup looks and entertaining vlogs, Eva Beauty is your go-to Korean beauty YouTuber especially if you’re new to K-Beauty! Most of her latest videos are complete with English subs, but some of her older videos don’t have them — so just make sure to look out for the ENG indication located at the beginning of her video titles before watching.

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11. Yeondukong

With 720k subscribers and counting, Yeondukong is definitely a rising star in the Korean beauty scene. She’s progressively adding English subs into a majority of her videos, but you can rest assured knowing that she has a substantial number out there as it is. Our favourites include the Cool Pink Makeup Tutorial, and her latest Get Ready With Me. For easy viewing, simply look out for the ENG indicated before the video title to see if there are English subtitles available.

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Love watching makeup transformations? Tune in to HYOJIN’s channel where she shows her transformation from having dull skin to a hottie with dewy skin in just a matter of minutes!

We also love that she posts videos sharing basic makeup tips to help her viewers get better at makeup, such as her video on how to contour for beginners. And as a way for her to connect better with her English-speaking fans, she occasionally does her makeup tutorials in English. That’s right, for once, you wouldn’t have to turn on English subs for a Korean beauty YouTuber! It’s nice to see her do so much for her fans, and it’s certainly no wonder that she’s one of the best Korean beauty YouTubers around.

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13. MisoJeong

If you’re looking for Korean beauty YouTubers who share beginner-friendly makeup tutorials, check out MisoJeong’s channel. Her tutorials are easy to follow, and she sometimes incorporates additional tips within these videos, making them very insightful and useful for those who are just starting out.

Other than her makeup tutorials, she also shares lots of skincare and hair care tips that are definitely worth watching!

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While MINCARONG isn’t as huge as the rest of the Korean beauty YouTubers on this list, her fan base is growing daily. One thing you’ll notice about her videos is that she tends to incorporate characters into her makeup tutorials where the makeup look is inspired by a certain personality or a situation. She also acts the part, making her videos interesting and more entertaining to watch!

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15. ANDA

With a variety of makeup looks on her channel, from daily natural makeup looks to e-girl makeup looks, ANDA is certainly a skilled makeup artist. She is also one of the few Korean beauty YouTubers to create a series of makeup tutorials where you can look like your favourite webtoon character. Many of her subscribers have expressed their surprise at how ANDA seems to be able to transform into any webtoon character out there. Our favourite is the one where she transformed into Cheon Lisa from No Longer a Heroine.

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16. Minsco

We all know most Korean beauty YouTubers have double eyelids, and for those of us who have monolids, this can pose an issue because not all of the makeup tutorials they share are applicable to us. Thankfully, there are a few Korean beauty YouTubers with monolids, and one of them is Minsco!

She mostly does makeup looks that are great for daily wear – natural and easy to do. She occasionally also shares beauty hacks for monolids, and one of our favourite videos is the one on how to use an eyelash curler and mascara to make your eyes look bigger.

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17. Saerom Min

Saerom Min is a Korean beauty YouTuber who shows off her prowess as a makeup artist through her makeover videos. The most popular series she has is the one where she gives a makeover to guests who have been doing makeup that doesn’t quite suit their features. Through these videos, she teaches not just the guest, but also her viewers on areas that people tend to make mistakes in, and how to correct these makeup errors. She focuses on using makeup to accentuate one’s features, which is something that we really like!

You’ll be amazed to see many of these guests looking so much better after the makeover, which just adds more credibility to Saerom Min’s skill as a professional makeup artist!

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18. Yoo’s Beauty

Yoo’s Beauty is one of the best Korean beauty YouTubers to follow when it comes to makeup looks with bold colours that are perfect for a night out. This would certainly come in handy now that nightlife has resumed!

For those who still prefer natural makeup looks, don’t worry, because she also shares such looks from time to time.

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19. YoonCharmi

YoonCharmi is a Korean beauty YouTuber who shares many makeup transformation videos, where she turns from average to drop dead gorgeous. Her fun and bright personality also shines through the screen, making her very enjoyable to watch. She keeps up with the trends, so you will learn lots of makeup tricks from her!

Many subscribers have said that her videos are really funny and relatable too, so don’t miss out on the fun and watch her videos now!

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