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Cylindrical liquid lipsticks, make way. Muzigae Mansion’s Objet Liquid lipsticks are housed in unique “paint tubes”, and they’re upping the ante on a cute toss-in-your-handbag style.

Muzigae Mansion Objet Liquid (2)

That’s right, these Korean liquid lipsticks are packaged in beautiful, transparent “paint tubes” that let you admire the soft shades even before you unscrew the cap.

Muzigae Mansion Objet Liquid

Photo source: 实心铁球/Xiao Hong Shu

It’s a good thing they do too, because the lipsticks boast tantalising shades ranging from soft apricot peaches to rich reddish-browns.

korean lipstick paint tube shades

Photo Source: Xiao Hong Shu

The 10 shades available are 001 Barely, 002 Sequence, 003 Stranger, 004 Affection, 005 Stunning, 006 Notable, 007 Chillin, 008 Dominant, 009 Perception, and 010 Undone.

Since a soft, barely-there K-style pout is what everyone’s hoping to nail this season, we’re happy that the lipsticks are made with a blurring gel that fills the lip’s grooves and reflects, to give a velvety-smooth matte finish.

Muzigae Mansion Objet Liquid (3)

These Korean lippies are truly one of a kind because, instead of a typical floral or fruity scent, they have a subtle fragrance reminiscent of a misty forest and dew-bathed soil.

Clear “paint tube” packaging, an airy formula, and a refreshing scent? We’re adding these straight to our carts.

The Muzigae Mansion Objet Liquid retails for S$24.75  (57% off at the time of writing) on Shopee.