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We’re all after that magical, glowy, glass-like skin.

From the Korean rice mask trend to all kinds of skincare products that promise to give us that beautiful, healthy radiance, we’ve tried plenty to help us achieve just that.

Well, we’ve stumbled upon yet a TikTok-approved product that this 50-year-old Korean mum swears by to achieve that plump, glowing complexion!

What’s the Secret Behind This Korean Mum’s Glowing Skin?


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According to TikToker Aylen’s mum, there’s no big secret. She just uses a specific product every day – the D’Alba Aromatic Spray Serum.

And when you look at her mum’s skin, even at 50 years old, it’s pretty clear this stuff works!


Here’s how she does it: after applying sunscreen, she gives the bottle a little shake and then sprays the product all over her face.


When asked what it does, she says it makes your skin look “glowy and hydrated.” That’s exactly what we all want for our skin, right?

Aylen gave it a try herself and was amazed by the instant glow it gave her skin. As she puts it, it’s not heavy at all – it feels like a refreshing mist that gives your skin the hydration it needs. You end up with glowing skin that’s not greasy!


Aylen’s mum also shared that this product is like a secret weapon for Korean flight attendants who always look perfect, with flawless and radiant skin (think Korean Air and Asiana Airlines).

If you’re wondering how this serum mist works so effectively, it’s because it’s infused with premium white truffles from Italy and vitamin E, creating Trufferol, a key ingredient rich in antioxidants.

It’s certified vegan, dermatologist-tested, and hypoallergenic. Clinical tests showed it improves skin elasticity by 4% and deep hydration by 8% in just four weeks!

It also provides instant relief for dry patches with one spray. This serum mist moisturises and gives a refreshing glow. It’s versatile and suitable for any step in your skincare and makeup routine, suitable for all skin types.

Where to Find the D’Alba Aromatic Spray Serum?


The D’Alba Aromatic Spray Serum retails for S$39.79 on iHerb online, and S$70.51 on Shopee.

Featured image credit: @aylennpark/TikTok.