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You may have seen Kose Sekkisui products in Japan when you shop at the 7-Eleven convenience stores there.The collection of skincare products is the result of a collaboration between 7-Eleven Japan and Kose, and is the best-selling skincare range in 7-Eleven Japan. Now, you no longer need to travel to Japan for them, and can find them easily in almost all of 7-Eleven Singapore’s 280 stores.

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The range of Sekkisui products are formulated with a blend of Japanese herbs and coix seeds extracts, and are great for revitalising and brightening skin. The products include: the Sekkisui White Washing Cream (SGD6.90 for 80g and SGD8.90 for 120g), Sekkisui Brightening Lotion (SGD12.90), Sekkisui Brightening Emulsion (SGD13.90), and Sekkisui Moisturising Radiance Mask (SGD4.50 for one piece, SGD12.90 for a box of four). If you want to try the entire range, consider the Sekkisui Skincare Set (SGD17), which contains all four products in travel sizes.

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Rich, dense foam from the White Washing Cream

Of all the products from the Sekkisui range, the White Washing Cream is undoubtedly the star product. Spokesperson of Kose Japan shares that the cleanser is the most popular among customers in Japan and overseas users. You’re able to create fine, dense, and rich foam from this cleanser, something that not many affordable products are able to achieve.